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AB Figures
British Field Medics & Casualties by Overlord
British Tank Crews (North Africa) by Sandman
British Gun Crews by Overlord
British Infantry for trucks by Overlord
British Tank & Vehicle Raiders by Overlord
DAK AFV crews by Sandman
DAK Panzer grenadiers for Sd.Kfz 251 by Sandman
German car crew by Overlord
Russian Tank crew by Overlord
BTR-50 USA by Brezinski Stephen
Drakon IT-1 USA by Brezinski Stephen
Decals "Lend-Lease" by Wroblowsky "Tomik" Tomas
RSO type 1 by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
T-54/55 ENIGMA, Tiran 4/5 USA by Brezinski Stephen
T-72 M1 USA by Brezinski Stephen
Workshop truck PM-3 (PARM type A) by Wroblowsky "Tomik" Tomas
ADV Mini
Renault VAB 6x6 by Bednar Jiri
AER / Eastern Express
85 mm Model 1939 AA Gun USA by Brezinski Stephen
SU-85 by Gerry
AFV Decals
Decals for DAK AFV by Overlord
Decals for German Armored Cars, Half-tracks & Panthers by Overlord
Decals for German Self-propelled Guns by Overlord
Decals for German Tigers and Pz.IIs by Overlord
Decals for Waffen-SS AFVs by Overlord
Decals for German Light & Medium Tanks by Overlord
Decals for Shermas from Korea by Overlord
M3A1 Halftrack USA by Brezinski Stephen
105 mm howitzer M1 by Overlord
150 mm SiG 33 by Overlord
155mm gun Long Tom by Dusek "Dusin" Petr
20 mm Flak 38 by Overlord
20 mm Flak 38 on Horch Kfz. 70 by Sandman
75mm IG 18 by Overlord
Allis-Chalmers M4 by Franc Mirek
Ammunition trailer for Flak 30-38 by Overlord
Brummbär Type III - conversion set by Clark Alex
Canon de 47 mm PAK 183 (f) sur Lorraine by Overlord
Diamond T968 by Dusek "Dusin" Petr
Ford CMP 12 & Flak 38 by Sandman
German 20 mm FLAK on Demag – Sd.Kfz. 10/5 by Overlord
Hotchkiss H39 by Overlord
Hotchkiss M1937 by Overlord
M29 Weasel by Overlord
Marder I by Overlord
Opel Bus by Franc Mirek
PAK 38 by Overlord
PAK 97/38 by Overlord
Sd.kfz.9 FAMO by Edern Phillip
Stoewer 40 Sd.kfz.2 by Overlord
Unic P 107 Génie by Overlord
WC 54 Dodge Ambulance by Sandman
Russian Tank Raiders by Overlord
German assault gun crew by Overlord
German tank crew by Overlord
Soviet tank crew by Overlord
U.S. tank crew by Overlord
A.P. Model
Antennae for German command vehicles by Sandman
Anti-sand mats by Overlord
Arab well by Tonioli Lorenzo
Armored cars Rolls Royce Model 1924 Mk.I & Mk.II by Sandman
Barrel for T34/85 by Overlord
Cactuses by Tonioli Lorenzo
Fountains by Tonioli Lorenzo
Indo-china plants by Tonioli Lorenzo
Italian Stele by Tonioli Lorenzo
L 6/40  by Sandman
Marabout´s Grave by Tonioli Lorenzo
O.M. 32/35 by Overlord
O.M. 36 P I Tipo by Overlord
O.M. 36 II Tipo by Sandman
Scenery-Earth by Tonioli Lorenzo
Street Lamps by Tonioli Lorenzo
Tuscanian farmhouse by Tonioli Lorenzo
Urban accessories by Overlord
Wooden barrels by Overlord
Landing Craft Vehicle and Personal (LCVP) by Edern Philippe 
GAZ-69 by Bednar Jiri
T-55A USA by Brezinski Stephen
ZSU-23-4A1 Shilka by Bednar Jiri
Art-Toys Modelbouw
Ford LRDG by Sandman
Red Army by Overlord
U.S. Army by Overlord
Best Value Models
Sd.Kfz.11 & LeFH18 by Guitton Dimitri
BISON Decals
Decals for Balkan AFV by Overlord
Decals for British Recce Light Tank & Armoured Cars by Overlord
Decals for British SP Guns by Overlord
Decals for British Cromwell, Centaur & Comet Tanks by Overlord
Decals for British Sherman tanks by Overlord

Spanish Foreign Legion

by Jakl Tomas
C-P Models
Figures - various by Overlord
CA.MA Models
Sherman M4A3E8 HVSS by Overlord
Coelian Models
King Tiger "July 1945" - conversion set by Overlord
Continental Model Supply Co.
105 mm gun L118 crew by Overlord
British Royal Marines by Overlord

German Paratroopers

by Overlord
Land Rover Wolf Defender - Special Forces Weapons Carriers by Coelho João
Cromwell Models
Horch Sd.kfz.31 Ambulance by Overlord
Saurer RR-7 Sd.kfz.254 by Sandman
Da.Ga. Model
Cannone da 149A by Tonioli Lorenzo
DOC Models
Carro Veloce CV33 USA by Brezinski Stephen
Bertoletti trailer by Sandman
Fiat 626 NML  by Overlord
Mujahideen by Overlord
Italian Colonial Troops by Overlord
Italian Troops for trucks by Overlord
TL-37 by Overlord
KrAZ-255B by Bednar Jiri
Eastern Express
OT-34 by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
T-34/76 with mineroler PT-3 by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
T-34/85 USA by Brezinski Stephen
Editions du Barbotin
MINITRACKS magazine by Overlord
El Viejó Dragón
German infantry - walking by Overlord
TKS by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Euromodel plus
Raketenwerfer auf. Pz.IV by Los Stepan
15cm howitzer Sd.kfz. 135/1 on Lorraine by Sandman
Isherman M 51 by Overlord
Soviet AFV Crew Modern by Overlord
YPR 765 PRI by Bednar Jiri
BMW 326 by Ventura José
Fine Cast Models
Ardelt Waffentrager by Overlord
German ”Grenadiers – Div. GD” by Overlord
German officers "Gruppe Peiper" by Overlord
German Paratroopers - Ardennes by Overlord
Grenadiers Heer 1944 by Overlord
Fine Scale Factory
DB 260 by Overlord
Ford Mutt M 151 A1/A2 by Overlord
Jagdpanzer IV (A) ”Zwischenloesung” by Overlord
M4A3E2 Jumbo by Overlord
Sd.kfz. 233 by Sandman
Sherman Dozer Blade by Overlord
Sherman Firefly I C ”Hybrid” by Overlord
Volkssturm by Overlord
Wounded Germans by Overlord
GAZ-67 by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Giesbers Models
Bofors SP on C.M.P. Ford by Overlord
Bofors SP on Morris Commercial C9/B by Overlord
M29 & M29C "Weasel" by Overlord
M37 SP howitzer by Bednar Jiri
Marmon Herrington Mk.III & Mk.IIIA  by Sandman
Marmon-Herrington CTLS-4TAY US light tank T14/T16 USA by Brezinski Stephen
GMC CCKW 353 by Edern Philippe 
Willys Jeep MB with trailer by Edern Philippe 
Landing Craft Vehicle and Personal (LCVP) by Edern Philippe 
Somua S35 by Strejc Vaclav
VAB 4x4 by Machek Viktor
Hunor Production
M39 Csaba by Red5
German Panzer divisions marking decals by Overlord
Sd.Kfz.260 by Vanek Petr
DUKW by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
M8 Greyhound by Edern  Philippe 
Jadar - Model
20 mm Gun Flak 38 by Mostowiak Piotr
JB Models
105 mm gun L118/M119 by Bednar Jiri
Landrover 1t by Bednar Jiri
Vickers Mk.VI by Sandman
German  75 & 88 mm ammo by Overlord
German Field Marshall and Staff Officers by Vanek Petr
M4 Carbines by Overlord
SS Tank Crew by Overlord
Fiat 621L by Mostowiak Piotr
Lancia 3ro/564 by Tonioli Lorenzo
Saurer BT4500 by Mostowiak Piotr
Polish bunker for 1 h.m.g. by Mostowiak Piotr
Regelbau B1-1 by Mostowiak Piotr
"Tobruk" bunker  by Mostowiak Piotr
20mm Flak crew at rest by Overlord
Freezing German soldiers by Overlord
German WWI Tank crew at rest by Overlord
PAK crew by Overlord
Vietnam Farmers by Overlord
Soviet AFV - markings by Wroblowsky "Tomik" Tomas
MIG Productions
Bundeswehr AFV Crew by Overlord
German Infantry  in Winter Cloth by Overlord
German SS Tankers by Overlord
German Weapons & Equipment by Overlord
German WW2 tankers - winter by Overlord
German WW2 bike messengers by Overlord
Harbour by Overlord
Tank ammunition crates by Overlord
Tiger I engine by Overlord
Markings for T-34 & KV tanks by Wroblowsky "Tomik" Tomas
Markings for German WW2 vehicles by Vanek Petr
American AFV Crew by Overlord
American Patrol by Overlord
American Stretcher Party by Overlord
American WW2 AFV Crew by Overlord
DAK SP gun crews by Sandman
British AFV crew by Sandman
British Bofors gun crew by Overlord
Flakpanzer I by Overlord
French AFV Crew by Overlord
German Afrikakorps – field car crew by Sandman
German drivers by Overlord
German Horch Radio Truck Kfz 17 by Sandman
German Field Medics & Wounded by Overlord
Italian AFV Crew by Overlord
Marder II by Overlord
Waffen SS field car crew by Overlord
Waffen SS in smocks – advancing by Overlord
Military Wheels
T-34 ARV by Wroblowsky "Tomik" Tomas
Mirage Hobby
AT-1 SP Gun USA by Brezinski Stephen
7 TP & Vickers E USA by Brezinski Stephen
7TP - etchings by Overlord
M3 General Grant Mk.I "El Alamein" by Sandman
M3 General Lee by Bilek "Freejack" David
M3 General Lee "Kursk" by Wroblowsky "Tomik" Tomas
Polish Tank Crew by Overlord
Pz.IV D by Sorm "Rollo" Michal
Sherman Tracks by Overlord
US Tank Crew by Overlord
Breda 20/65 AA Gun Crew by Sandman
Breda 20/65 Mod.35 by Sandman & Overlord
Italian Howitzer DA 75/18 by Tonioli Lorenzo
Italian Alpiny Artillerymen by Tonioli Lorenzo
Mussolini and his staff by Tonioli Lorenzo
R.S.I. troops by Tonioli Lorenzo
British Tank Riders by Overlord
German Scout Car Adler Sd.kfz.13 & Sd.kfz.14 by Overlord
German Softskin Crew by Overlord
SS Cavalry Trooper by Overlord
SS Panzer Grenadiers - seated by Overlord
US Tank Riders and Softskin crew by Overlord
Tatra T-57K by Overlord
Modell Trans Modellbaou
Decals for Arabian AFV by Overlord
Möbelwagen by Overlord
Ostketten by Overlord
Sd.Kfz.11 HKL USA by Brezinski Stephen
Sherman ARV Mk.I by Overlord
T-72M1 USA by Brezinski Stephen
PT-91 USA by Brezinski Stephen
MR Models
Cromwell/Centaur conversion set by Overlord
Sherman tracks by Overlord
Valentine Mk. VII/VII & X/XI by Wroblowsky Tomas
Mr Panzer
Ariete C1 by Bednar Jiri
Fiat 15 TER Overlord
MG Bunker by Overlord
Odex Minicars
Mercedes Benz 170 by Overlord
Oliver Mark
Adler Kfz.13 by Overlord
Toldi I & II USA by Brezinski Stephen
Zil-157 USA by Brezinski Stephen
Russian Federal Force by Overlord
Chechen saparatists by Overlord
Ford 6 Model 1943 USA by Brezinski Stephen
GMC CCKW 353 & Studebaker US6 by Bednar Jiri
M16A Machine Shop (US6 truck) by Machek Viktor
M-30 122mm howitzer with crew by Overlord
M-30 122mm howitzer & Zis-6 truck by Wroblowsky "Tomik" Tomas
KV-1E by Smid Jaromir
KV-2 by Smid Jaromir
T-54/55 USA by Brezinski Stephen
Zis-42/42M by Wroblowsky "Tomik" Tomas
Figures by Smid Jaromir
German panzer grenadiers by Overlord
German Infantry - resting by Overlord
German motorized infantry by Overlord
German infantry - advancing by Overlord
German Pak40 Crew by Overlord
German tank crew by Overlord
Germans - home leave by Overlord
US Infantry - Modern by Overlord
Village house by Overlord
British gun 60 pr Mk. II by Sandman
British Infantry WWII by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Pz.kpfw.III Ausf.L by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Pz.kpfw.III Ausf.M by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Pz.kpfw. IV Ausf. J by Machek Viktor
Sd.Kfz.9 Famo by Sorm "Rollo" Michal
T-34/85 USA by Brezinski Stephen
IS-3 "Stalin" by Overlord
Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma by Baric Miro
Schatton Modellbau– Heavy Steel
21 cm Nebelwerfer 42 by Overlord
5 cm Pak 38 by Overlord
T-26 Mod.33 by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
T-26 mod.1939 by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
ZIS-2 & ZIS-3 by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Small Scale Productions
British Bofor’s gun crew by Overlord
British tank crew loading 17 pdr. ammo by Overlord

Desert Kübelwagen - conversion set

by Sandman
French partisans by Overlord
German casualties by Overlord
German soldier with prostitute by Overlord
German vehicle raiders by Overlord
Howitzer da 149/19 Mod. 41 by Sandman
Howitzer crew by Sandman
M38 A1 by Overlord
Machine Gun ammo belts by Overlord
Machine Gun sights by Overlord
Marking for Soviet WW2 tanks by Wroblowsky "Tomik" Tomas
Trattore Fiat-SPA TM-40 by Sandman
U.S. AFV Crew by Overlord
U.S. crew for M38A1 jeep by Overlord
Steel Wheels
GAZ-69M by Bednar Jiri
Hummer M-1025 by Bednar Jiri
Bilbao by Braden Thomas
UNL-35 by Braden Thomas
Super Euromodeller
Water Pump by Mostowiak Piotr
Sd.Kfz. 250/8 Neu USA by Brezinski Stephen
Renault B1 Bis Guitton Dimitri
BT-5 by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
BT-42 by Baric Miro
BZ-38 by Wroblowsky Tomas
Marder III by Baric Miro
Pz.38 Ausf.C by Baric Miro
SU-100 by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Waterloo 1815
Folgore - Infantry 1942 by Tonioli Lorenzo
Folgore - light artillery1942 by Tonioli Lorenzo
Italian infantry 1942-43 by Tonioli Lorenzo
Wespe Models
Stalinetz S 65 by Overlord
Panzer IV Ausf. A  by Almeida Antonio
ZV Models
URAL 375D by Bednar Jiri