Halftrack M3A1 in 1/76 scale

Name White Halftrack M3A1 /Kit 02318/
Manufacturer Airfix, of Humbrol Limited Co., Made in France by Heller Co.
Packing paperboard box but no plastic bag
Kit type injection molded styrene plastic.  It is 1/76 scale, not 1/72 as listed on the box.

A good model though it shows its age in being first produced in the 1970's.  There is little flash and molding quality is good.  There are about 55 olive green parts which include a trailer.  The wheels and tracks come molded as one piece similar to many resin model kits.  The front fenders are flat across rather than a compound curve around the tires.  This is incorrect for a White Co. produced M3 and M2 halftrack but matches instead the fenders of the M5 and M9 halftracks produced by International Harvester Co.

There is little interior detail and much work will need to be done to turn it into a first class display model.  As it is, this model will easily build into a great wargaming model.

Instructions Four pages with very good with seven exploded-view drawings, plan views for painting and markings, and vehicle history in seven languages.
Decals Water slide decal markings for one US Army vehicle and trailer in 1944.
General Impression  & Note This and the Hasegawa and Matchbox US halftracks are old model kits of a very numerous and important vehicle of WW2 and Korea and the Mid-East Wars.  Unfortunately all these plastic kits have glaring inaccuracies.  I am surprised that no manufacturer such as Revell, PST, or Dragon, etc. has released a model of this to today's molding and accuracy standards.