Renault B1 Bis in 1/72 scale

Name Char B1 Bis (item N72002)
Producer TMA, France
Packing carton box with color picture of completed model on the top
Type of kit resin kit (+ wire included)
Quality This is a well cast model, few bubbles. The detailing is good, but not very abundant and few parts. Some details should be redone using plastic cards, like the hatches. Tools
and usual B1 equipment should be added (shave, chains...)
Instruction sheet a small black and white instruction sheet is provided with part numbers
Decals none
General Impression It is a nice model, the global shape is quite accurate, but some details are missing, some others are a little bit crude. But with some work and good references, you can finally build a good 1/72 char B1 bis. This tank can be used to do French and German versions of the B1 bis. You can also use this model to build with some work an early B1 version.