Sd.Kfz.9 Famo in 1/72 scale

Name Sd.Kfz.9  Schwerer Zugkraftwagen 18t "Famo" /# 03141/
Manufacturer Revell, Germany
Packing The set is packed in a classical Revell box with side opening. There is a nice picture of Famo somewhere on the Russian front on the top of he cover.
Kit type Injected plastic kit

The parts are moulded in a perfect quality, clean, free of any flesh. Tracks are classical  - lengths and links. I can se advantages in a complete engine, which enables a construction with an open hood and the bars for towing of damaged vehicles. Both, the chassis and the driver’s hood are manufactured nicely. The cargo bed is not bad at all, however, it would require some additional work on the bottom side of the bed and new hoops for the tarpaulin.

Instructions Instructions are clear and easy to understand.
Decals Decals are performed with the “Revell accuracy” again, printed perfectly in register. Two versions are possible to be built: one of the 11th Panzerdivision with a small figure of a ghost (often used as an unofficial symbol of the division) and one of the Sturmgeschutz Battery 901. There is a windmill as a unit symbol, which can easily be misinterpreted with the 9th SS Panzerdivision after the battle by Arnhem.
Overall impression & Note Very nice model, highly recommended!