M3 General Grant Mk.I in 1/72 scale


Czolg sredni "Grant" Mk.I, El Alamein (cat. No 72804)


MIRAGE Hobby, Poland


Cardboard box (could be tougher)

Kit type

Injected+vinyl tracks+PE parts


All parts, injected from grey plastic, are top quality, with minimum flash. Only boxes on the rear part have some sink marks. The shape is correct, even the turret, which was represented very poorly on older Hasegawa kit. I really appreciate tools to be provided separately. My experience with vinyl tracks is not the best, although they look acceptable in small scale. PE set  "British desert track" can be used for improvement. Side doors, light guards and engine deck are provided as photoetched.


Comprehensive, very good


High quality decals, containing marking for three British and one US vehicle. It also contain seriál numbers and unit signs, so you can depict almost any vehicle you need.

Note and overall impression

Definitely better kit than old Hasegawa. I hope this is not the last attempt in extending the Allied AFV collection. I still hope in British tanks A9, A10, A13, Crusader, Stuart M3 and M5,  many armoured cars etc).