Lancia 3ro/564 militare in 1/72 scale

Name Lancia 3 Ro type 564 (kit # 7220)
Producer  MarS, Poland
Packing cardboard box with picture of the built kit
Type of kit   resin

Excellent! Level of detail is impressive, as usual for MarS. Many tiny pieces, that will need  a careful touch to be detached from sprues. The engine is represented as a separate piece and it is visible through the bonnet (differently from other kits of the Lancia 3 Ro).

Instruction sheet yes
Decals not
General impression & notes

First kit of an Italian vehicle made by MarS so far. In the MarS range there will be further versions of this heavy truck, and other lighter Italian trucks as well.

The Lancia 3 Ro appeared in 1938 (following the appearance of the Lancia Ro in 1933 and Lancia Ro-Ro in 1935) and remained in service in the Italian Army well into the Fifties.

It was much appreciated (also when captured by the enemy) for its strength and considerable transport capabilities.

This heavy truck was built in 9300-9500 (exact figure is not known) samples in various versions: cargo with wooden side-racks, workshop, autocannone (gun-truck), oil and water-carrier. It could transport light and medium tanks, horses and mules, supplies, and up to 42 soldiers seated on seven benches.

Type 564 was the military version, while Type 464 was the civilian vehicle, with minimal differences between them. The Type 564 B (petrol-propelled) was also built for German troops in 1943-45. It was also built with Einheits wooden cab.