Union Naval de Levante UNL-35 in 1/72 scale


Panzerwagen UNL-35 Zis-5 Serie 1  & Serie 2/3 /kit # 2 & 3/


Steelwork, Germany


sturdy box featuring a professionally designed label, parts packed in separately in several plastic bags

Type of kit

Resin (solid body)


Manufacturing quality is excellent again, even better than the already very nice Carro Bilbao offered by the same manufacturer. The parts are beautifully cast in lightweight pale yellow resin with practically no flash. The shape of the vehicle corresponds very well to the available sources, and details are even delicately represented.

The type 2/3 kit includes two choices of undercarriage as those had been changed in the later models. Some of the later versions also had slightly different (more forward) positioning of the front fenders, so the modeler is well advised to consult original photographs to ensure complete authenticity.

As usual take care when removing parts from the casting bars but scoring with a sharp knife will suffice in most cases.

Instruction sheet

Single sheet with historical overview including photographs, technical data, parts list and color reference; assembly is shown in ’explosion’ type  diagram.



General impression & Note

Steelwork’s second as well as third panish Civil War kit fills another longtime gap, much to the delight of all SCW enthusiasts. With little work they will provide a beautiful replicas of these characteristic AFV unique to this conflict.

Available directly from Steelwork: steelwork@gmx.de

The UNL armored cars (of which several version existed) were built in Republican Spain between 1937 and 1938 in what was actually a shipyard in Valencia, based on components of the Soviet ZIS-5 truck.  The design of the vehicles was developed by Russian engineers and borrowed somewhat from the Soviet FA-I armored car. About 130 were produced during the civil war, with postwar production continuing well into the 1950s.

The UNL’s had 8mm armor and were equipped with two machine guns.

Reference:  J. de Mazarrasa: Blindados en Espana, 1a parte, pp. 82 - 85  Quiron Ediciones, Spain, 1991  ISBN 84-87314-03-1

UNL-35 Zis-5 Serie 1


UNL-35 Zis-5 Serie 2/3