M8 Greyhound in 1/72 scale


M8 Greyhound /kit # 7073/




carton box with a box art

Type of kit

injected plastic kit


The model details are very good the MG and the interior pars included. Only jerrycans are too simple. The jerrycans are too simple. In the box you have got 2 sets of wheels: one for the modellers and one for the wargamers (simplified). One of sprues includes marts for M8 but the main one is universal I think ready for M20 version which I guess will be released soon.

Instruction sheet

Graphic instructions + rules (supplement) for operation Overlord, Normandy 1944


decals with 4  markings: US Army  82nd armoured battalion 2nd division, France 1944; French Army, Germany, Feb. 1944; US Army 3rd army 2nd cavalry company C, Belgium, Jan. 1945; US army 91st cavalry reconnaissance, Cassino area, Italy, March 1944

General impression

It's a good surprise from ITALERI because M8 is a new kit not an ex ESCI kit . ESCI had never made the M8.