Raketenwerfer auf Pz.IV in 1/72 scale

Name Raketenwerfer auf Pz.IV, Kat..72001
Producer  Euromodel plus, Poland
Packing   Hard cardboard box with BW photo of finished model
Type of kit  Resin kit with PE parts

All parts are very cleanly cast without air bubbles or flash. Casting blocks are designed in a way to minimalize modeller's work with their separation. Hull is made as one piece, so it is impossible to cut open the interior. Same goes for small turret. Rockets are cast as separate pieces. Tracks are also cast from resin. Few etched parts will help with exterior detailing.

Instruction sheet   There are drawings of placement of individual parts, but sometimes not very clear. There is no cammouflage scheme, but it is not a mistake in this case.
Decals   No
General impression & Note

Very nice model. Clear choice for anyone interested in German WWII projects or prototypes.

The Euromodel plus kit are available from Siegbert Weigt!