VAB 4x4 in 1/72 scale


VAB 4x4 /kit.#.79898/


Heller, France


sturdy carton box with painted boxart

Type of kit

injected plastic kit


The quality of parts is good. The light brown plastic is good to work with. No problem to cut or sand. There is no interior nevertheless some some hatches are moulded open. Delivered clear parts to glass windows are too thick to be used on good model.  Some details are too simplified for example. front lights) or unusable (mirrors).

Instruction sheet

clear b/w instruction sheet


1 marking for FA Daguet div., Saudi Arabia 1991. Quality seems to be good. Let me pint out that Swedish BISON Decals offers many markings for VAB vehicle!.

General impression & Note

This kit is good base for nice model I think. Various conversion and detailing sets are available from Azimut as well as etchings and resin wheels from Extratech already.  It means who wants can start to play to have fun for many evenings.