Sd.Kfz.234/2 "Puma" in 1/72 scale

Name  Sd.Kfz.234/2 "Puma" (No.705)
Producer   Roden, Ukraine
Packing Cardboard box with side opening and nice picture with "misty autumn" atmosphere
Type of kit   Plastic kit of heavy armored car from WWII

First kit of awaited series of SdKfz 234 introduced itself with high quality of moulding and details, but also with some discrepancy in it's proportions. Hull is 4mm longer than it should be in 1/72 scale. Error is almost in the middle, right behind the fighting compartment. I'm afraid, that any attempt to fix it will lead only to complete butchering of the kit. We will see, how much it will be visible on finished model, which is otherwise fantastic. Detailed suspension is for example made from 65 parts. Very nice is machine gun. Unfortunately, you have to cut it and use only
it's barrel on this version. I will rather find the barrel elsewhere and keep MG42 for other use. Small amount of flash is only on fenders and gun mantlet. There is also basic interior provided, but useless in this version - unless you cut open some of the hatches. I was surprised, that two out of four stowage boxes on each side are moulded opened, but none of the hatches on the hull or turret.

Instruction sheet Detailed and well-arranged, but I would strongly suggest not to follow it in case of fenders. I would rather glue fenders to the hull first, and only then glue tools and other details onto the fenders.
Decals  Two German versions, both France, 1944
General impression & note It had a great potential to be a great kit of great vehicle. However, I am nonplussed by it's size inaccuracy.