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Gallery Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.H by Philippe Bonnet
  Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf G by Jasper Lee
  Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf F1 by William Toledo Ferreira
  M-48 A3 Patton by William Toledo Ferreira
  Merkava III by Petr "Svihy" Svihovec
  Praga RV & Skoda 3,7cm v.z.37/m by Michal Teichaman
  Kl.Pz.Bef.Wg. I Ausf.B by Uwe Borchert

"Bastogne - another victim" by Jakub "Talib" Jastrzebski


"Hands up!" by  Jakub "Talib" Jastrzebski


Armia Krajowa by Jakub "Talib" Jastrzebski

Polish Infantry by Jakub "Talib" Jastrzebski
Gallery Stalinec S-65 by Pavel Senk
  F-55 Feurlillie by Pavel Senk
Ferdinand by Robert Lebl
  Kübelwagen by Guillermo La Marca
  Möbelwagen by Philippe Bonnet
Willy's Jeep by Maxime Pidara
  RSP-7T  by Jochen Pippig
IBR Faces of Braille Scale
NEWS New section "Forum" established!!!
Contests & Shows "Ceskotrebovsky Vehikl 2004"  by Michal Kubík
Gallery "Pantherturm" by Piort Mostowiak
  Leclerc by Patrick Lapalu France
  T-55 by Patrick Lapalu France
  T-62M by Philippe Bonnet
  Stug IV by Alexandru Giersch
  Ambulance Carrier by Anton "Doktor" Mizera Slovakia
  Sherman M4A1 Early by Anton "Doktor" Mizera Slovakia
  KV-1  by Anton "Doktor" Mizera Slovakia
  Pz.Kpfw.T-34/85 (r)  by Anton "Doktor" Mizera Slovakia
  GMC CCKW 353 LOT 7  by Petr Dusek
  12,8 cm Flak 40/1 by Stepan Los
  Sd.Kfz.251/7 Ausf.D by Stepan Los
  Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.D mit Calliope by Stepan Los
  Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.D "Stuka Zu Fuss" by Stepan Los
  "Die Industriezone" by Stepan Los
Links WW2 Armor
Previews MAC - Opel Blitz by Michal Sorm
  Extratech - VAB 4x4 - etchings by Viktor Machek
  Extratech - VAB 4x4 - wheels by Viktor Machek
  Extratech - V-100 by Overlord
  Kora - Stuka Zu Fuss by Overlord
  Calibre 72 - Humwee - wheels by Overlord
  Goffy - M10 - stowage by Overlord
  Goffy - Sherman - stowage by Overlord
  Goffy - IDF weapons & accessories by Overlord
  Minimali - Wooden Latrine by Overlord
  Minimali - Propaganda Posters by Overlord
  Minimali - Office Furniture by Petr Vanek
  Minimali - Posting Column by Petr Vanìk
  Minimali - Farmer's Cart by Petr Vanek
  Attack - Handwaffen by Petr Vanek
  Attack - Field Kitchen Hf.14 by Petr Vanek
  Attack - Field Kitchen Equipment by Petr Vanek
  Attack - Ammunition - set 1 by Petr Vanek
  Attack - Ammunition - set 2 by Petr Vanek
  Attack - Fuel Set  by Petr Vanek
  Attack - 7,5 cm PAK 50 by Petr Vanek
Partners 7th kompany 
Contests & Shows "Scale ModelWorld 2004" by Stepan Los
Gallery "Mercedes MB170" by Peter Haupt
  "Desert Rats" by Giorgio Brigà
  Mk.I Male by Giorgio Brigà
  UNL-35 by Uwe Borchert
  Centurion Mk.5 by Roman Vasko
  Merkava I by Roman Vasko
IHSR Mondoridotto di Mario Bartoli
Links WSW Modellbau
Gallery Germans - advancing by Peter Haupt
  German Mountain Troops  by Peter Haupt
Tips & Tricks Czechoslovak Army 1938 by Tomas Jakl
IBR Faces of Braille Scale
IHSR Model Hobby
Links KPM Prosek
Contributions guide
Gallery  Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. F1 by Peter Losak 
  Panther G by Dusan "Panzermaniac" Kovac  
  Panther G by Jasper Lee
  Panther G by Jasper Lee
  Panther A by Paolo Lavagnino
  Tiger IE by Paolo Lavagnino
  Tiger IE by Paolo Capitanio
  Skoda RSO by Paolo Capitanio
  Opel Blitz Radio by Paolo Capitanio
  Marmon Herrington Mk.IIIA by Paolo Capitanio
  BT-5 by Paolo Capitanio
  BT-5 by Stepan Los
  Elefant by Albert Chen
  Jagdpanther by Sergey Golikov
  Sd.Kfz.222 by Michal Sorm
  Sd.Kfz.7 mit Bilstein by Alexandru Giersch
  German 2,5t trailer by Alexandru Giersch
  Opel Blitz by Peter Haupt
  Gulaschkanone by Peter Haupt
  BMW R75 by Peter Haupt
  Kübelwagen by Peter Haupt
  Bergepanzer IV by Jan Pavlik
  ADGZ by Jan Pavlik
  Fiat AS 43 by Jan Pavlik
  Nashorn by Jan Pavlik
  Panhard 178 by Jan Pavlik
  Panzerspähwagen  30(t) by Jan Pavlik
Gallery Mk.V Star by Mauro Traverso
  Mk.IV Tadpole Tail by Paolo Lavagnino
  Mk.VIII International by Mauro Traverso
  CV33 Passerella by Mauro Traverso
  Pz.Kpfw.I Ausf.B by Uwe Borchert
  Bilbao by Uwe Borchert
  T-34/85 by Dusan "Panzermaniac" Kovac  
  M8 Greyhound by Maxime Pidara
  Sherman Mk.III by Jeff Hamblen
  M4A3E8 Sherman by Albert Chen
  M4 Sherman Composite Hull by Albert Chen
  M4A3 76mm Sherman by Albert Chen
  M4A3 105mm Sherman by Albert Chen
  M4A1 Sherman M1 Dozer by Albert Chen
  M32B1 ARV by Albert Chen
  IS-2 by Paolo Lavagnino
  Diamond T968 G.S. by Mauro Traverso
  M32 ARV with T1E1 by Mauro Traverso
  M24 Chafee by Mauro Traverso
  M1A1 Abrams by Paolo Lavagnino
  Marder 1A3 by Paolo Lavagnino
  Challenger 1 by Paolo Lavagnino
  SU-100 by Paolo Lavagnino
  T-34/122 by Paolo Lavagnino
  Challenger 2 by Paolo Capitanio
  Sp.Pz. Luchs by Paolo Capitanio
  PT-76 by Sergey Golikov
  Merkava I by Sergey Golikov
  Merkava IIIB by Branislav Herain  
  V-100 by Branislav Herain  
  AMX-13  by Lukas Szilard Slovakia
  M7 Priest  by Lukas Szilard Slovakia
Contests & Shows "Kit Saloon Nymburk 2004"
Links Euromodel plus
  Braille Scale Blog
Previews Steelwork - Bilbao by Thomas Braden
  Italeri - M8 Greyhound by  Philippe Edern 
  Heller - VAB 4x4 by Viktor Machek
  Minimali Productions - Wooden Boxes by Viktor Machek
  Attack - Skoda 952 Kübelwagen by Viktor Machek
  Attack - Grille Ausf. M & Munitionfahrzeug 38(t) Ausf. M  by Jaromir "Gerry" Smid
Contests & Shows

"Mauges-Expo 2004" by Philippe Edern 

"KADEN Cup - Model Nachod" by Jeff Hamblen
IBR Faces of Braille Scale
Tips & Tricks Whipped Snow - Dusan "Panzermaniac" Kovac
Gallery T-34/76 STZ - Jasper Lee
Preview ACE - RSO type 1 by Jaromir "Gerry" Smíd
Gallery "Hetzer" by Viktor Machek
Contests & Shows "All Kits Show 2004" by Branislav Herain  
Links Steel Models
IBR Faces of Braille Scale
Preview MW - T-34 ARV by Tomik
  PST - Zis-42/42M  by Tomik
  Mirage - M3 General Grant Mk.I by Sandman
  Hauler - Rogers 20t Trailer by Petr "Dusin" Dusek
  Planet - M-26 Dragon Wagon by Jose-Manuel Estevez
Gallery "Stummel" by Cheehong Ahn
Jagdpanzer IV L/48 by Cheehong Ahn
Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M by Cheehong Ahn
Merkava III by Cheehong Ahn
Preview Mirage - Etchings for 7TP tanks by Overlord
  Mirage - Polish Tank Crew by Overlord
  Lamercraft - SS Tank Crew by Overlord
Contests & Shows "Castrum Novum Cup 2004" by Branislav Herain  
Gallery "StuG.IV in Normandy" by Gabriel Arias
"LRDG Jeep" by Gabriel Arias
"Sleep Well, Commrades!" by Gabriel Arias
  "Saipan 1944" by Tomasz Kulaga
  Dodge WC 51  by Tim Ridout
  T-34/76 Model 1941 by Tim Ridout
  T-34/76 Model 1941 by Jan "Mesoun" Slemr
Preview Extratech - M4 Sherman 75mm Early by Jaromir "Gerry" Smid
  ModellTrans - Sd.Kfz.11 HKL - Stephen Brezinski USA
Gallery M4A3 Sherman - Gabriel Arias
Romans - Gabriel Arias
IBR "Faces of Braille Scale"
Preview Revell  - Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf. J  by Vitor Machek
  TMA - Renault B1 Bis by Dimitri Guitton
  Best Value Models - Sd.Kfz.11 & LeFH18 by Dimitri Guitton
Gallery Ursus-A & TK3  by Luis Miguel F.S. Gago
Sd.Kfz. 9 "Famo" Bilstein Crane  by Luis Miguel F.S. Gago
Contests & Shows "MODELSCALA 2004" by Luis Miguel F.S. Gago
Gallery "T-34/85"  by Injae "Minipla" Lee
Gallery Bergepanzer Tiger by Michal Sorm
  Opel Blitz Ambulance by Michal Sörm
  Pz.Kpfw. VI B Tiger II by Jasper Lee
  Stug III Ausf.E by Jasper Lee
  Stug III Ausf.G Ersatz by Jeff Hamblen
  Pz.Kpfw. V Panther Ausf.G - M10 Ersatz by Jeff Hamblen
  T-20 Komsomoletz by Jeff Hamblen
Contests & Shows "Kalamazoo AIR ZOO Model Contest" MI, USA by Chuck Stewart  
Gallery "Eastern Front 1943" by Tomasz Kulaga
  AAV7A1  by Injae "Minipla" Lee
Previews AER - 85 mm Model 1939 AA Gun by Brezinski Stephen USA
  Airfix  M3A1 Halftrack by Brezinski Stephen USA


PN.SUD Modelisme
Contests & Shows "E-Day 2004" by Overlord
Gallery "The landing of LCI553" by DeLillio SW Guy
  “U-201 in Brest” France 1942  by Perez Gilles France
  "Minsk - Kubelwagen" by Jr. Walter
  M 4A1 Halftrack by Pidara Maxime
IBR "Faces of Braille Scale"
Links Quarter Master's Depot


"Operation Compass" by Kulaga Tomasz
  "Back To The Fatherland" by Brezinski Stephen USA
   Challenger 1 Mk.3 by Svihovec "Svihy" Petr
Preview Tracks & Troops - Sd.Kfz. 250/8 Neu by Brezinski Stephen USA
Review  Command Bus by Brezinski Stephen USA


"Ghazala 1942" by Kulaga Tomasz
Gallery Lanz Buldog 35HP  by Candia Sante
  Jagdpanther  by Kovac "Panzermaniac" Dusan

Profi Kit - 75 mm Schneider 1897/1938 by Sandman

  Planet Models - Brencarrier Mk. II by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir

Contests & Shows

4.9.2004 - Tracks & Troops in Prague by Overlord 


Profi Kit - Ferdinand & Elefant interior set by Vanek Petr

  Pegasus -  Waffen SS "Kursk 1943" by Jakl Tomas
  BUM  -  Spanish Foreign Legion by Jakl Tomas
MAC - Horch 108 & 2cm Flak 30  by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Contests & Shows

12.6.2004 "5. Pardubicky Kit Salon", Pardubice  - Hamblen Jeff


"International Braille Register"

12.09.2004 Dear visitors,

Today we bring just minor design changes to secure better orientation in our sections and news in the future.

More will some soon!.



01.09.2004 Hello colleagues,

We promised reviews but we are here with gallery news again because of man contributions came  and they are much simpler to be processed than the reviews.:-)

So totally 14 new models and 2 dios are added in the "Gallery".

The "Events" includes two actual invitations!

And reviews should next time finally.

Again special thanks to Viktor for technical help.



17.08.2004 Dear modellers,

We have got terribly hot summer here but we still process some news for you. Today  are here with 22 new models in the "Gallery" and  one interesting report in "Events"!

Two producers added in the "Links".

Some reviews will be next time probably during this weekend.

Again special thanks to Viktor for technical help.



31.07.2004 Hello colleagues,

We are here with many news again. Totally 7 previews and 1 construction review added into  "Reviews"   and 21 models and 3 dioramas uploaded into the "Gallery".

Several new "Links" added.

Some new faces can be seen in  "Faces of Braille Scale" and new members of  "IBR"  are also registered.

Again special thanks to Tomik for Viktor for technical help.



30.06.2004 Hello modellers,

Today we bring relatively huge update because we decided to clean our table before upcoming vacation time. So 8 new previews added into  "Reviews"   and 37 models and 5 dioramas uploaded into the "Gallery".

Two links of producers added into the "Links".

Two new faces can be seen in  "Faces of Braille Scale"!

Special thanks to Tomik for help with translation and to new member of our band Viktor Machek (more in "About us") who helps a lot with photos processing and html.

More news in about one week!



06.06.2004 Hello modellers,

The D-Day brings you two actual reports from "Euro Models 2004" and "ModellBrno 2004" in the  "Contest&Shows" section.



26.05.2004 Dear colleagues,

Today we bring 12 previews in  the "Reviews"   section and 12  new entries in the "Gallery" .

The  "Contest&Shows" section includes my report from "Beskyd Model Kit Show".

We are not able to tell you when you can expect our next update because we are participating in Euro Models in Milan, ModellBrno and Kit Salon Pardubice in next three weeks.



18.05.2004 Dear friends,

We are here with some news finally.

First we would like to inform you that number of members of our "International Braille Register" just crossed 200! Also our section "Faces of Braille Scale"  shows two new faces. We do hope that more photos will come from you to bring Internet communication less impersonal!

Today we bring 12 previews in  "Reviews"  and 10 new models and 1 dio in the "Gallery" .

The "Contests&Shows"  section includes photo report from Model Show in Armour Museum Saumur and into the "Links" arrived one new producer.

More news will come after next weekend.



27.04.2004 Dear modellers,

We are later with news than we expected but huge report with more than 120 photos from great event "VIII. Mosonmagyarovari Makett Verseny es Kiallitason"- Hungary is here in  "Contests&Shows" section.

News in the gallery and previews will come next time.



06.04.2004 Dear friends,

We are here not only with "slightly" new image, bat mainly with 8 new models  "Gallery" section and two invitation in  "Contests & Shows". Also "Links" include one new personal web site.

Report from kit show Mosonmagyarovar 2004, Hungary and more will be  next time!



22.03.2004 Dear colleagues,

We are here with 10 new models in "Gallery" section today and in the  "Contests & Shows" can be found actual report from "Plastic Session 2004".

More will come after next weekend again!



16.03.2004 Dear Modellers,

Today we are here with six  "Previews", one actual report in "Contests & Shows" and one new producer added in "Links".

And I also mustn't forget to tell you than one very important face arrived into our "Faces of Braille Scale"!

More will come after next weekend!



07.03.2004 Hello Modellers,

We are here with one actual report in "Contests & Shows" today.



01.03.2004 Dear Modellers,

Today we bring you 7 new models in the "Gallery", one small construction article and finally also 17 previews in "Reviews" section.

Something new is also in our "Faces of Braille Scale" and one new producer arrived into the "Links".

Next news again from "modern" period arrive next time!


P.S. Thanks Tomik for help with translations!


15.02.2004 Dear Visitors,

We are here with brief update only today. We only added four  new models and one dio into the "Gallery".

In our "Faces of Braille Scale" you can see several new colleagues, but it's still less than we expected! i

Some reviews and previews will come soon.



08.02.2004 Dear Modellers,

Today we are here with two but special news.

We added new sections called "Faces of Braille Scale" into our "International Braille Register ".  This page is designed to break anonymity of our Internet community.  We thank a lot all members who already sent their photos and hope that other colleagues will follow them.

The "Contests & Events" section included Overlord's report from Nuremberg Toy Fair 2004.



04.02.2004 Hello Modellers,

We are here with one very interesting construction review and six inbox previews in "Reviews" section.

Two new small scale pages added in "Links" and as well as one invitation in "Events" .

Next  update will be after this weekend and should  bring again several previews, one small construction article and also report from Nuremberg  fair and first faces of "IBR" members.



25.01.2004 Hello Modellers,

today we are here mainly with second part of our main pages design change. As you probably noticed when you entered we changed block with banners of our supporters. The reason is simple. We decided to sell space for advertising banners this year to get some money to cover charges connected with this web site.  For our supporters we also prepared  new section called  "Partners" where they introduce themselves.  Every month one of our partners can also get special space for "Photogallery Sponsor" . We thank  a lot all companies that decided to help us to run this website.

Except all "commercial" news mention above we also uploaded 6 new "Dioramas", 9 models to "Vehicles" and one minidio to  "Figures".

New personal site is added in "Links".



12.01.2004 Dear Modellers,

As you maybe know this web site celebrates 3rd birthday today!

Therefore we slightly changed design of our main pages and actualized sections  "About Us" and "Contributions".

We also prepared special offer of  "Pages T-shirts".

The "Gallery"  received 17 new models and interesting online contest is added in  "Events".

More news will come soon!



05.01.2004 Dear colleagues,

Two construction "Reviews" are finally here!

This is last update from our New Year series. Next update will some in about 14 days and bring some previews again and maybe also slightly new look of our web site.

All News we uploaded during holidays  stay marked for colleagues who had no chance to browse in that time.

Sand & Over

04.01.2004 Hello friends,

We are here with small reinforcement in  "Allies gallery".

Sand & Over

03.01.2004 Hello friends,

Today we bring you 7 new arrivals in WW2 "Axis gallery".

Sand & Over

02.01.2004 Hello colleagues,

We just uploaded five new monsters info "WW1 Gallery".

Sand & Over

01.01.2004 We are here with New Year update!

Today we bring you 4 new "dioramas" and also several new "Links" and Telford 2003 photos in "Events".

Happy New Year!

Sand & Over


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