Sherman III

HQ Squadron, 1st Krechowiecki Lancers Regt., Loreto, August 1945

Scale: 1/72

Armo M4A2 conversion Built on the Esci/Italeri hull. I used Hasegawa Grant 5-spoke wheels (Revell's would have been better but they are way too big). This particular tank needed the kit transmission cover, not the Armo piece. The original kit turret was also used with the new aluminum barrel from Armo. Lots of putty and styrene were needed to detail a few places. I scratchbuilt the turret stowage box. Neither the kit shovel nor the new PE one fit in the space provided so I added a new resin one from Mars with leadfoil brackets. The wrench on the rear deck should have been glued down lower. An antenna was added by drilling a hole in the base, adding a small tube cut from a hypodermic needle and finishing it with some 28 gauge wire. I had some 32 wire but it has disappeared into the mess that is my workbench. Decals from one of Armo's sets available seperately. I was worried about the yellow and white decals going over the dark OD but they were really excellent, very opaque. They reacted very well with Solvaset. Painted with Tamiya Khaki Drab and dusted with artist's pastels.