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We welcome you one more to our small scale armour modelling web site dedicated to 1/76 and 1/72 scale models of military  vehicles, weapons, figures and dioramas.  Main goal of this site is to inform "small" scale enthusiasts about kits, resin and photo-etched sets, new releases, techniques, tricks and of course to enable them to show results of their work and bring their views into the open.

These pages was spontaneously born at the end of year2000 and  since 12th o January are online. Two authors of this web are Sandman who designed it and almost three years worked as webmaster and Overlord who's job was to prepare interesting content, translations and external communication.

Main inspiration to create own web site came from following three webs:  On the Way! , Miniature Zone  and 1/76 & 1/72 Scale Armored Fighting Vehicle Museum

Important change came in September 2003 when we moved to www.smallscaleafv.com URL and started to use paid server hosting service. Since that time Overlord is only one man who's owner and webmaster. The reason is that Sandman definitely decided to reduce his Internet as well as modelling activity unfortunately.

Fortunately Overlord hasn't continued alone. He still get some technical support from Sandman as well as from new colleagues Tomik and Gerry who kindly offered him help with translations.

Naturally many of you /too many to be mentioned/ help us too contributing interesting articles, previews and gallery news.

For numbers lovers our web site content has more than 310 MB in about 10.300 files. Our Photogallery includes more than 450 entries and in Reviews can be found more than 350 in-box previews and construction articles. /data from 12.01.04/ 

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Finally let us thank you for paid attention and uncover who hide under nicknames Overlord, Sandman, Tomik, Gerry, Viktor ....


Name: Milan Vins
Born: 1974
residence: Pardubice, Czech Republic

Modelling of 1/76-72 scale dioramas is my main hobby. By now I have been successful in finishing of more than 50 ones. Perhaps as every boy I started with aircraft modelling but I found out soon that armour is my "blood group". Building models by itself seemed to be "too dryasdust" to me and that was why I began to build dioramas. An inspiration usually comes to me from books on WWII, belles-lettres, documentary movies, and books and journals about scale modelling. Iím mostly impressed by some photo showing real situation and this particular resource than becomes starting point for me. However I never try to copy resource exactly. The idea is the only thing what I need. I would like to have the greatest collection of "small dioramas" all over the world. Perhaps I already have. ...



Name: Vladimir Cereba
Born: 1970
residence: Usti nad Orlici, Czech Republic

As my colleague I began with aircraft plastic models that were available at modelshops at that time. I never attended any model club and was given no experienced modellerīs advice. And results of my attempts reflected this fact. In 1991 I happened to buy 1/72 british  25.pdr Gun/Howitzer by Esci in one small modelshop in Znojmo and decided to keep to this sort of models. My interest is especially aimed to models of guns and vehicles that took part in actions during WWII in the North Africa 1940-43. Why just war in the North Africa? It is simple. Once (I was a student of military grammar school at that time) book called "Tobruk rats" got into my hands. The book described attendance of Czechoslovaks at defence of Tobruk harbor as well as their participation in war actions in Africa and at the Near East at all. The topic impressed me very much so I began to study this part of history of WWII and " there is a small step only from history studying to scale modelling"(Iím sure I had to read it somewhere, that is not idea of mine). To add something in the end Iím rather model and literature collector then "fertile" modeller at present. But days are not all over yet......



Name: Tomas Woroblowsky
Born: 1977
residence: Ostrava, Czech Republic

Iím happily married and have a little daughter (thatís for my fans to know that Iím not free :-) ). I started with modeling several times, for the first time when I was ten and in my nineteen for the last time (I hope so). I made the Japanese WWII aircraft before, I moved to the AFV recently. Mostly Iím interested in Eastern front WWII vehicles, but itís not a rule, so if I like something else, I go ahead and build it. By the way, my first tank (it doesnít exist now) was Hasegawa Leopard. If I had to describe my modeling skills, Iíd say Iím Ēadvanced lazy OOTB builderĒ.


Name: Jaromir Smid
Born: 1966

My beginnings with modelling were sometimes when I was about 10 years old and from the beginning Iíve been building only planes. As time went by, Iíve specialized on World War 2 and in the beginning of 1990ís Iíve changed my models into AFVís. Again, Iím building only WW2 models. Iíve been bulding ďcaterpillarsĒ only for my fun, not for competitions, and Iím trying to have my own collection.  But in the last time Iíve only a very little time, so Iím collecting unbuilding kits for the better future times J


Name: Viktor Machek
Born: 1975

Iíve been building models since my 8 years, when I stole my brotherís the äK-38 glider and built it despite of my family member doubts. Glider flew and I liked it, so I continued with flying models (with some breaks) to my 20. During the time I also discovered the plastic kits (thanks, Evzen!!!) and started to build them. So although Iím relatively young, Iím a witness and a KoPro child. I returned back to kit modeling after the puberty and marriage, which is almost 3 years back. For my psychical hygiene I try to work on my kits at least twice a week. Thanks to my wife, who says itís better to have a maniac-modeler at home than an alcoholic in the pub, I can do my hobby without any problems. I always built 1/72 and 1/48 aircraft, but now Iím enjoying most (of course except my daughter Kate) the small scale AFV. This allows me to combine my favorite study of military history with maquettes, that Iím able to place in our apartment.