"Ambush by Ninjas" by Svensson Sven
Anglosaxons vs Normans by Overlord
British 17th Lancers & Zulu Prisoners by Trauner Erik
Medieval bombards with crew USA by Brezinski Stephen
Roman Infantry vs. Gaul Warriors by Overlord
"Roman Scorpion" by Beriswill Jeffrey
Romans by Arias Gabriel
Teutonic Knights by Svoboda "IJS" Jan
War Elephant by Beriswill Jeffrey
"And so I face the Final Curtain" by Bexiga Francisco
Armia Krajowa by Jastrzebski "Talib" Jakub
Commandos Spain by Murray John Michael 
Fallschirmjägers by Bexiga Francisco
German General by Bexiga Francisco
German Mountain Troops  by Haupt Peter
German soldiers - various by Freitag Oke
German Officers by Bexiga Francisco
Germans - advancing  by Haupt Peter
Italian Alpiny Corps by Overlord 
"MG Nest" Slovakia by Mizera "Doktor" Anton
"Operation Margarita", Greece 1941 by Mizera "Doktor" Anton
Polish Infantry by Jastrzebski "Talib" Jakub
Russians- "Red Barikades" by Sobieski Jan 
Road to Russia by Bexiga Francisco
Scratchbuilt Figures by Corts Bram  
SS Cavalry Trooper by Overlord
"SS Man" by Los Stepan
"Taking out MG" by Hacksell Roland
"The frozen Gebirgsjäger" by Svensson Sven
Wehrmacht Artillery Spain by Murray John Michael 
"Wintergrennies" by Tacke Berthold
1945 - present  
"Taxi to Bagdad" Slovakia by Mizera "Doktor" Anton
”The Last Taliban” by Svensson Sven