"And so I face the Final Curtain" 1939

Scale: 1/72

It started this project as a "challenge" from a modeller friend who intend that I should try doing even smaller vignettes, using bottle caps, for example, and so I started to think about it. I had this figure laying around, it's from Airfix Opel Blitz set, and the kneeling position is very appealing so I immediately thought about doing this kind of scene. I cut of his head and arms, repositioned the arms and added Preiser head and gear. It was painted with Humbrol 86 for the tunic and 92 for the pants. The base was done using a yogurt bottle cap with a bit of modelling clay on it. I sprinkled some fine sand and static grass, made the cross with a bit of balsa and stuck the shrub on. The paintjob consisted of Tamiya khaki and earth, a wash with raw umber oils followed by a drybrush with white oil, MIG pigments and a filter of Tamiya buff to smoothen all the colours.