Scale: 1/72 


It's a German general from Revell's pioneer set and it started after I browsed my figures collection to pic one to paint on my spare-time and because I got "inspired" by this pic: 

Well, it was painted using Humbrol colour. Black for the uniform, 153 red and oil colour yellow for the waffenfarbe, 186+62+148 for the flesh tone and 86 for the green cap. The base was done by carving a bit of plaster that I cast and it was painted using various tones of grey, followed by some washes using raw-umber for the wall and some points of green, yellow, sienna and raw umber for the roof tiles. The frame was done using balsa wood painted with some wood treatment varnish ...

All in all it was a rather fun project, I love to make small vignettes which allows me to build more models and motivate me to learn more about modelling and German army history.