Scenery and dioramas 

World War I  
"Alpine position" by Kattinger Werner
"Picardy Little Village" France 1918 by Lapalu Patrick
Between World Wars  
"Czechoslovak border line 1938" by Senk Pavel
"Czechoslovakia 1938" by Zada Miroslav
"Ireland 1920" by Kattinger Werner
“La Guerra Civil" Spain 1936-39 by Mussone Silvano
World War II  
”3,7 cm PAK mit Bedienungsmannschaft” by Tacke Berthold
"8,8cm Flak in Normandy" France 1944 by Hembling Ron
"90% Boredom, 10% Terror" by Bexiga Francisco
"After Effect" Tunisia, May 1943 by Bulhak Wojciech
”Afternoon Tea-break” Libya 1941 by Overlord
”Achtung Baby” Russia 1941 by Overlord
"Afrika Korps" by Sindler Jan
"Airfield Defence" Germany 1945 by Lacina Ladislav
"Alarm in Sudeten" Czechoslovakia 1938 by Danjou Pascal
"Ambush" by Pesek Karl
"Arnhem 1944" by Pesek Karl

"Back To The Fatherland With Ivan Close Behind", Poland 1944

by Brezinski Stephen
”Barbarossa” Russia 1941 by Overlord
"Bastogne - another victim" Belgium 1944 by Jastrzebski "Talib" Jakub
"Bautzen 1945" by Kulaga Tomasz
"Breakdown" Normandy  - France 1944 by Mathea Mateusz 
"Buffalo & Marines" by Hacksell Roland
”Burning Snow” Russia 1941 by Overlord
”Cassino city” Italy 1944 by Freitag Oke
"Char Column" France 1940 by Haupt Peter
"Closely Watched Train - BP 44" by Visek Ivan Mgr.
"Col. de Gaulle's Attack" France by Lapalu Patrick
”Counter Attack” France 1940 by Overlord
"CV-33 Tankette in Albania" by Pesek Karl
"David und Goliath" by Tacke Berthold
"Defenders" Russia 1942 by Haddad Ricardo
”Delivery of Ammunition” Hungary 1945 by Overlord

"Der Letzte - The Last One" Germany 1945

by Koentges "Germaine"Alexander
"Desert Meeting by Hacksell Roland
"Desert Rats" by Brigà Giorgio
”Desert Rats” North Africa 1942 by Overlord
"Diamond & Buffallo" Germany 1945 France by Edern Philippe 
"Diamonds are Trump" by Makarowycz Mike
"Die Industriezone 1945" by Los Stepan
"Diorama Collection"  by Svoboda "IJS" Jan 
"Dodge WC51 & US Infantry" by Haupt Peter

"East Prussia 1944/45"

by Kulaga Tomasz

"Eastern Front 1943"

by Kulaga Tomasz
"El Alamein" North Africa 1942 by Kulaga Tomasz
“Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” Germany 1945

by Clarke Doug

”Erste Hilfe Batailloneverbandsplatz ” Frankreich 1944 byHeidelmann Frank
”Fall of Hamburg” Germany 1945 by Overlord
"Famo & trailer" by Jung Jinsu
”Fertig zum Transport” Russland 1944 by Heidelmann Frank
"Finally at Caen" France 1944 by Overlord
"France 1940" by Pavlik Jan
"FT17 in Dieppe" France 1943 by Haelterman Rob
FuSE 62 Würzburg Radar”    by Mostowiak Piotr

"Ghazala 1942"

by Kulaga Tomasz
"German KV Stellung" by Brezinski Stephen
"Germans are Coming" by Hacksell Roland

"Germany 1945"

by Kulaga Tomasz
"Go East" Russia 1941 by Lacina Ladislav
"Goodbye dear Johnnyboy" by Sobieski Jan 
"Good Bye, Italy!" by Paya Justo Mira
"Green Devils in Cassino” Italy 1944 by Overlord
"Hands up!" Poland 1944 by Jastrzebski "Talib" Jakub

"Hartenstein  Hotel" Holland 1944

by DeLillio SW Guy
"Heeresregelbau 669" by Heidelmann Frank
"Help to Enemy" by Lee Kyong-Jae
"Hide and Seek" Malaya 1942 by Overlord
"Hunting for Provisions" by Turcu Adrian
"In the outskirts of Budapest" Hungary 1944 by Bruhn Allan Sylvester
"Isthmus of Karelia" 1944 France by Lapalu Patrick
"Jagdpanzer E-10" by Los Stepan
"Jeep KO!" Germany 1944 by Sobieski Jan 
"Komm, schneller, komm...!" by Vanek Petr
”Killed Bully” France 1944 by Overlord
"King Tiger Under Repair" France 1944 by Hembling Ron
"Kurze Unterbrechung" by Haupt Peter
"Kübelwagen & BMW R75" by Hlousek Jakub
"KV-1E KO!"   by Golikov Sergey
"Lanz Bulldog & 8,8cm Püppchen" by Pesek Karl
"Last Counterattack" Germany 1945 - in progress! by Freitag Oke & Meier "Ziege" Siegfried
"Last Shots on Luzon" Philippines 1945 by Overlord
"Late Autumn" by Pesek Karl
"Leopold" by Haupt Peter
”Level at Next One” Russia 1942 by Overlord
"Let's go to Poniry Station" Russia 1943 France by Edern Philippe 
"Leyte 1944" by Pelikan Michal
"Light fortification type 37 A" by Tebich "Mitte" Miroslav
”Look GIs Tiger’s Bodyguard ” Tunisia 1942 by Overlord
"LRDG Jeep", North Africa 1942 by Arias Gabriel
"MG Gunners" by Bexiga Francisco
"MG Stand Heinrich" by Mostowiak Piotr
"Mercedes MB170" by Haupt Peter
"Minsk - Kubelwagen" by Jr. Walter 
”Mission in Desert” Libya 1942 by Overlord
"Mission in Jungle" New Guinea 1942 by Overlord
”Moorland Nettuno” Italy 1944 by Overlord
"Muddy Road to Stalingrad" Russia 1942 by Zmeskal Pavel
”New Bridge from Falaise Pocket” France 1944 by Overlord

"New Guinea 1942/43"

by Kulaga Tomasz
"Nice September in France" by De Fant Jiri
"Normandie 1944" France by Edern Philippe
”Not invited Visitor” by Tacke Berthold
"Nothing new on the Western Front" France by Milot Bernard 

"Operation Compass" North Africa 1940

by Kulaga Tomasz
”Panzer II mit angreifender Infanterie” by Tacke Berthold
"Panzerjagerwagen IV" by Los Stepan
”Panther’s Head” Italy 1944 by Overlord
"Pantherturm" Eastern Front 1945 by Mostowiak Piotr
"Polish bunker for 1 h.m.g." by Mostowiak Piotr
"Protection in the Railway Line" by Paya Justo Mira
"Railway Transport" by Hembling Ron
”Rats Extermination” Libya 1942 by Overlord
"Recovery" by Zeller Michel
”Repos Idyllique” France by Garnache Arnaud  
”Road to Bastogne” Belgium 1944 by Overlord
"Ropik" by Strnad Pavel
"Saipan 1944" France by Edern Philippe 
"Saipan 1944" by Kulaga Tomasz
"Sentry Box" by Pesek Karl
“Short rest from Hell“ near Aprilia, Italy 1944 - in progress! by Freitag Oke
"Sherman" by Solarik Radek
"Silence" by Kleerebezem Jochem
"Sleep Well, Commrades!", Russia 1944  by Arias Gabriel
"Small Victory" New Guinea 1943 by Overlord
"Snow Time" by Haupt Peter
"Souvenirs of Normandy" by Paya Justo Mira
"Spain 1937" France by Sebat Jean-Francois
”Spring in Italy” near Cassino 1944 by Freitag Oke
"Streets of Berlin" Germany 1945 by Overlord
"StuG.IV in Normandy", France 1944" by Arias Gabriel
"Stummel" by Ahn Cheehong
"SU-100" by  Los Stepan
"Sudeten 1939" by  Los Stepan
"Syria 1941" by Jakl Tomas
"T-34/85" by Lee "Minipla" Injae
"T-34 in the spring" Russia USA by Waldron Chris
”T-34 und Panzerjäger” by Tacke Berthold
"T-34 versus Stug"  by Kovac "Panzermaniac" Dusan
"The Bridge" Romania 1944 by Brezinski Stephen
"The Inspection" Slovakia by Kovacs  Gabor
"The landing of LCI553", France 1944 by DeLillio SW Guy
"The Last Days od the War" by Bonnet Philippe
"The Last Waltz in Berlin" Germany 1945 by Sobieski Jan 
"The Resistance" France 1942 by Paya Justo Mira
"The Road to Cisterna" Italy 1944 by Kulaga Tomasz
"The Sluice" by  Los Stepan
"The Tellermine" France by Edern Philippe
”The way to Kharkov” Russia 1943 by Meier "Ziege" Siegfried
”They‘ve Killed our Ferdinand” Russia 1943 by Overlord
"Tiger & Kübel" France by Sebat Jean-Francois
"Time for Repairs" Okinawa 1945 by Overlord
"To Rhein" 1945 by Kulaga Tomasz
"Towards The Reichstag!" Germany 1945 by Paya Justo Mira
"Trust Nobody!" by Haupt Peter
"Tunisia 1943" by Kulaga Tomasz
“U-201 in Brest” France 1942 France by Perez Gilles

"U-Boot VIIc in a Dry Dock" - in progress!

by Vanek Petr
Verdammt, Engländer!" Francie 1944 by Kubik Michael
"Very Special Transport" by Zeller Michel
"Voronesh Front" 1943 by Kulaga Tomasz
"Weg mit ihm, wir müßen weiter !" France 1944 bz Kubik Michael
”Who's going to Pump?" - Jaluit Island 1943 by Overlord
”Wiking is Coming” Russia 1942 by Overlord
"Willy's Jeep & US Paratroopers" by Haupt Peter
”Without Fuel” Libya 1942 by Overlord

"XXX. Corps" Holland 1944

by DeLillio SW Guy
1945 - present  
”Beirut - Green Line” Lebanon 1987 by Overlord
"Blade Gunner" Slovakia by Mizera "Doktor" Anton
"French Foreign Legion in Iraq" 1991 France by Pidara Maxime 
"Iraqi Ambush" by Zeller Michel
"Lebanon 2006" by Bernet Stefan
"Thunder Run" by Bernet Stefan
"Shot Down into Rice Field" Vietnam 1968" by Overlord
”The Last Exercise” by Durand Mike
"Lonely Dancer" Slovakia by Mizera "Doktor" Anton
"Memories" by Vanek Petr