"Czechoslovak border line 1938"

Scale:  1/72

Model kits: Praga RV& KPUV 37 – Profikit & LO vz. 37A – Samek

Figures: AB Miniatures & CMK

Accessories: road block Extratech, barbed wire Eduard, tools VVV Model, barrels CMK & TP Model.

I made a small diorama from our pre-war border line. It should depict time when the fortification wasn’t finished yet, so the “bunker staff” has come to work it out (they are preparing to make an anti-infantry blockade from barbed wire). Also the engine of the truck is a bit naughty, that’s why the mechanic is up to find, what’s happened. The bunker is made from plaster like the surrounding terrain (with some help of polystyrene foam). Static grass is glued with a white-glue and then finished with clear varnish and pigments. Three soldier figures comes from RAF mechanics from CMK, the officer is a modified British Tank Officer from AB Miniatures. Tools are from VVV etches with some modifications, other details are scratched from pieces of plastic and some rests of etches.