"Towards The Reichstag!" Berlin, Germany 30th of April 1945

Scale: 1/72

Vehicles: two ISU-152 and a IS-2 of PST, Panther of Revell (modified), Opel Blitz Box body of Esci (modified),  the burnt Opel Blitz is 100% scratch, the Ambulance and the Gaz of AL-by.

Figures: Revell, Milicast, Almogavers, Miniatures Alemany, Mig Productions, Preiser, Esci, totally 31 figures, some of them modified.

The dio base is made on an amassed wood of measures 75 x 35 cm. The bridge is built with amassed wood, the wood is covered with plastic (evergreen 9, previously I sculpted on the plastic the texture of the stones). The water is polyester resin. I built the building parts of plastic for moulds and copied them in stucco. On the stucco I sculpted the bricks and the damages of the building. The floor of paving stones is engraving plastic. The marks of the windows are made with plastic. The barricades are made of plastic, the bricks of the barricade too.