Skoda typ 952 "Superb"Kübelwagen in 1/72 scale


Skoda typ 952 Kübelwagen /kit #72813/


Attack Hobby Kits, CZ


the box of thin carton with painted boxart

Type of kit

injected plastic parts + etchings


The plastic parts are moulded in small sprue frames. I have found several sagholes on chassis parts but nothing tragic.  The quality of parts moulding is relatively good but some of small parts are cast to rough. Nice etched sheet includes fine parts for model detailing. I have tried how basic parts fit together and the result is not much positive.

Instruction sheet

graphic b/w instructions which are not clear enough in some steps


The decals with marking for two vehicles included, both vehicles shown on rear side of the box. In case of grey one it's not vehicle from East front as instructions tell but vehicle from Princ Eugen division from Balkan.

General impression & Note

It's kit of interesting car to be build as nice display model or for diorama. This preview will continue in my construction review soon ...