Ursus-A & TK3

Scale: 1/72

This two small vehicles are from the Polish manufacture PART Models. Only a few resin parts come with the kit. The truck/Tankette are almost composed by 90% of photo-etched. Very hard to build, and hundred of tiny parts.

The PART instructions do not bring any references about colors or camouflage, but you can find some help here: http://derela.republika.pl/index.htm The Ursus is painted overall with brown-green, a kind of Olive-drab. I opted to paint the green with Kaki from Tamiya, which is lighter than the original color, but after the oil washing with Sepia, it will turn the color darker and brownish. The Tk3 was painted/airbrushed with 3 ton camouflage color: Brown-green, yellowish-sand and dark-brown.

I must thanks Michal Derela from PIBWL Military Site, who helped me along this Polish project. He helped me about the documentation which is not easy to find, specially about the Ursus-A.