75 mm Schneider 1897/1938 in 1/72 scale 


75mm Schneider 1897/1938 (Cat. no. 7207)


Profikit, CZ


plastic box, parts packed in plastic bags

Kit type



Simple but understandable exploded-view drawing, with painting guide


Parts are well cast, with minimum of resin film to be removed. The parts are well designed, so the removal of the resin blocks should be no problem. The only one can appear when cleaning the barrel, one should be careful because some small details can be easily damaged. Barrel and the empty shells are cast with holes. The cannon can be built in firing and in the transport position

Note and overall impression

Kit looks very good and seems to be the best kit of this cannon at the market.

This version of cannon was used by Free French units in North Africa ether as standard AT-gun or as „portée“ carried by Ford trucks. You can find also different types of wheels in the literature.

Thanks to Mr. Jan Polc from Profikit for providing the review sample.