M4A3 76w Sherman

Scale: 1/72

Manufacturer: Hat Industries (prototype sample sprues)

This is a tank from the NW European theater in later part of 1944. The U.S. Army finally had a systematic way to camouflage their tanks and it is done by the engineers. This is the only time that I see U.S. tanks with three color camouflage in NW Europe. The mesh was called Summerfield matting. It was installed for adding tree branches. As you can see, this model had my VIP (or VIT!) treatment.

Here is a breakdown of my addition/modification:

Turret  - mantlet re-shape and drill holes, gun barrel sleeve, lift rings x5, machine gun storage with angle iron, spot light - Fujimi, machine gun re-shape, post scrape off and add ammo box, antenna,  vision port reduction,  pistol port - putty, Summerfield matting

Top hull -  machine gun, gun travel lock (Italeri), lights and horn (Italeri), light rings x4 , on board tools, sand shield, attachment strip, Summerfield matting, spare track blocks (Italeri),  stowage (spare wheel, jerry can, etc)

Lower hull - rear axle, toll hook, track block detail "v", exhaust grill, air cleaner