KADEN Cup - Model Nachod

This was the second year that I have been to Nachod and there were some surprises.  In general, there seemed to be fewer models in almost all  categories, except for Braille scale! And there were actually two categories for Braille! Wheeled and tracked. A nice change from the standard "everything else not 1/35th" category at many other model shows.  There were odellers from the Czech Republic (of course), Poland, Germany and Slovakia.  I recognized many of the entries at Nachod from Milan's webpage and the Czech magazine, Modelar. Many really excellent models.  One of my favorites was  a Hummel with an excellent paint job.  I also had the opportunity to meet Juliusz Olejnik, who brought his Famo half-track and Panzer III on a trailer.  Modern armor was well represented as well, with a few Challengers and Merkavas. One modeller from Wroclaw, Poland brought several Armo kits, including a KFOR BRDM-2.








Outside of the category, there were a few nice dioramas, including an unusual 1/72 Flying Fortress by Jaroslav Kubat. Instead of a normal wartime diorama with a couple service carts or pilots scrambling, this one showed the plane in the 1970's, after lying in the jungle since the war with a helicopter that had landed on its wing and a couple sightseeing civilians.  I also finally had a chance to see a Revell 1/72 U-boat built up, impressive work and so big for Braille. 


I picked up some things by Goffy and TP who were both at the show, along with many other dealers. All in all a really good show.  It was nice to meet some more modellers who I had "talked" to only by the Internet and email.  Nice to put some faces to their names.

Our Polish US group!

Jeff Hamblen

Photos by Piotr Mostowiak