Brencarrier Mk. II in 1/72 scale



Brencarrier Mk. II /kit # MV 036/


Planet Models, CZ


hard cardboard box with a coloured side view of vehicle on foreside

Type of kit

resin kit of British light troop-carrier


Castings are in high quality, very fine and with nice details. I practically haven't found any serious mistakes. The only problematic part is tracked suspension that is moulded with wheels and tracks together and cast covered with thick resin film that has to be carefully removed. The kit contains a lot of equipment, including 3 Bren machine-guns, rifles, canvas, W.T. equipment and so on. No PE parts included this time.

Instruction sheet

Somewhat chaotic. So I would recommend to have some references on table during construction,  especially on vehicle's crew compartment.



General impression

This is superb kit, unequalled with aged Airfix' one. I can only recommend it.