"Lanz Bulldog 35 HP"

WW II German Military Version

1/72 scale model

by Sante Candia (s.candia@roma.alespazio.it)

Gruppo Romano Modellisti, “Il Ponentino” - Rome, Italy

The 1/72 scale model of the Lanz Bulldog 35 HP is produced by Extratech (#72025) with resin and photoetched parts. The decals allow to build either the civil version or the military version; the latter being characterised by the Notek light and by the panzer grey colour.

The model has been built straight from the box, with small exceptions. The Tamiya acrylic colours have been used to paint the base colour (panzer grey) and some shadows (panzer grey + black, panzer grey + white).

The Windsor & Newton oil colours have  been used for both washes (black, burnt sienna) and drybrush (white, light grey). Various tones of pigments have been used for the final weathering.