Waffen SS "Kursk 1943" in 1/72 scale


Name German Waffen SS  (Item # 7201)
Producer Pegasus, USA

Cartoon box

Type of kit Soft plastic figures
Quality The set consists from 46 figures made from grey plastic. The plastic is relatively hard when pressed but very soft when bent which is little bit strange for me. Sixteen poses are well sculpted and proportioned with a lot of details. Some have even head or slice moulded separately. The number of poses is as well interesting as their choose. For example an infantrymen raising his bayonet or taking a grenade from his boot I have not seen yet in any other set.
General Impression & Note The box art is awful indeed but the figures themselves are much much better. The set represents Waffen-SS soldiers from the time of the Kursk Battle in 1943 but the figures could be used for dioramas up to 1945. They fit into Czech Lands in 1945 very well too.