What's new at our web site?

24.12.2003 Our Christmas update is here!

We are here with second part planed "Modern" update. Many new models arrived into "post-war" section again and several in-box previews finally arrived into "Reviews&Previews" also one new online shop is added in "Links"!

Most important info of this update is that Sandman is definitely father since 18th of December when his daughter Natalie was born!:-)

Merry Christmas!

Sand & Over

21.11.2003 Dear modellers,

We are here with the first part of planed "Modern" update. Many new models arrived into "post-war" section of our Gallery.

Two producers are added in "Links"!

The reviews and previews will come soon in few days, weeks.....:-)

Sand & Over

09.11.2003 Dear friends,

Today we just add actual report from "Kit Saloon" Nymburk so all previous news are still stay marked in yellow.

Sand & Over

01.11.2003 Dear colleagues,

As usually we are here with news that we announced but we made best of more time we had and prepared more that was planed..

You can see 13 new previews and one interesting construction review in "Reviews”, report form Kaden Cup Nachod in "Contests & Shows", one new URL in "Links" and many nice modes in "Vehicles" and in "Dioramas".

Next time we will  more aim at post-war subjects!

Sand & Over

13.10.2003 Dear modellers,

Today we are here with  some news in "Reviews” and two colleagues who practically do not need any kits to build superb models sent us something for  our  ”Gallery” !

Sand & Over

23.09.2003 Dear colleagues,

Today we bring you news in our ”Gallery” and "Reviews”, one invitation and E-day report are added in "Shows” and several ”Links” too.

Do not forgot click on "Summer KOAR Lottery" at main page to see who the winners are!

Sand & Over

01.09.2003 Dear colleagues,

Our web site is with small complications successfully moved. New domain as well as hosting we use is paid so we should move again anymore. New URL brought also new e-mails so do not forget update your address book!

Please le us know in case you will find any link broken or can not open some picture!

We would like to celebrate our movement a little so we are here wits fee news. Several Soviet heavy tanks rolled our ”Gallery”, we introduce one fresh new "Czech kit”, inform about two upcoming ”Shows” and let you click on one new ”Link”.

As usually, more will come next time!J

Sand & Over

20.08.2003 Colleagues,

Today we bring 5 new models in "Vehicles" , 11 "Previews" and some news in "Shows" and "Links".

Sand & Over


26.07.2003 Colleagues,

Today we bring nice completed jewels in "Dioramas" , "Vehicles"  and  "Figures".

Also few  "Previews" and something small in "Tips&Tricks" and  "Shows".

We would like to get our "Flea Market" actual so we appeal on all ad authors to confirm that their ads are still valid. In case we don not receive any comments in 14 days we will cancel all old thinks.

More will come next time!

Sand & Over


13.07.2003  Dear friends,

It seems that EU starts to work!J Maybe therefore we can bring you two new names as well as more French and German flags in ”Dioramas” and ”Vehicles”.

Overlord completed something new after longer time so you can read about in ”Reviews”.

Few of Previews from last update are still marked as NEW because their texts are edited!

Two new web sites are added in "Links".

Last of News is that our ”IBR” is more secured thanks to help of colleague Ricardo Haddad from sunny Rio.

We do hope that the previews will come next time!

Sand & Over


08.07.2003  Dear modellers,

Today we bring you relatively huge update. Many news are in "Reviews", "Vehicles", "Dioramas", "Figures" and after longer time also in  "Tips&Tricks"

We was able to prepare so many news thanks to Gerry and Tomik only who helped us with translations again. They work for us so frequently that became our team members and you can meet them in "Obout us" section.

More, mostly previews will come next time!

Sand & Over


26.06.2003  Dear modellers,

we introduce you reorganised the most important sections of our web site ”Photogallery” and ”Reviews & Previews” thanks to few sleep less nights. We do hope that done changes help you to browse more quickly. We had to modify few hundreds of files during reorganisation therefore it’s possible that you can find some mistakes or wrong links in these as well as other sections because we are not able to check so many files personally. It means we would be very happy in case you will write us about any problem you will find at our web site.

Except reorganisation we bring you about 25 news in the ”Photogallery”!:-)

New Review & Preview articles will come later when we took a rest for a while and also try to complete some real models.!:-)

Sand & Over


14.06.2003  Dear modellers,

We are here with something new finally. We solved few important personal and technical  problems already so and all can go ahead with or web site again. 

We promise you that we process and upload all contributions and news we have got in pockets soon /in week, two max. three:-)/.

News for today are: Summer KORA lottery , ModellBrno and Links

Sand & Over


14.02.2003  Dear friends,

We are here with some news finally. We have got too many April news that we are not able to process them all together so we will upload them in few steps. The first step includes news in Gellery, Links, Contests & Shows and Wolverine lottery! Preview and review articles will come next time.

Sand & Over

P.S. Special thanks Tomik and Gerry for help with translations.


01.02.2003  Dear visitors,

We bring you couple of news only today but do not pass by them. Visit new section ”CD version” and something really special ”Achilles lottery”!

Sand & Over


13.01.2003  Dear Colleagues,

as we promised least time we uploaded all prepared News as well few really fresh things step by step. Pay attention also to Contests & Shows except Gallery and Reviews!

We also mentioned we work on CD version last time. Our CD ”2000-2002” should get our pages to hands of modellers who have no Internet or who have poor connection. You can offline browse almost all sections of our site with mentioned CD. We will tell you more about this project and mainly how you can get our CD soon!J

There are many new kits and figure sets to be previewed laying on our tables. Nevertheless our next bigger update will come in the end of February only. We do hope you understand that we have to relax and also build something not jaw-jaw only!J

Thanks for your favour.

Sand & Over


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