Model flea market 

Dear visitors of our Small Scale AFV Pages,

We would like to welcome you in our new Model flea market.
      You can public your ad including contact to you in this section in case you want to buy or else you want to sell or trade some kit or something in connection with our hobby.
      You can send your ads to our e-mail and we will public them below.

Sale Kits 1/72 for sale:

- ART TOYS (resin) MAN F4 6,5 TON truck (german) kit no: GER 001 $21,81 2 kits
- MARS (resin) SD KFZ 233-8 RAD heavy armoured car kit no: 7226 $16,81 1 kit
- SD KFZ 232-8 RAD heavy armoured car kit no: 7218 $15,39 1 kit
- PST (plastic) KV-1E (extra armor) kit no: 72016 $9,69 1 kit
- SKIF (plastic) 76mm division gun ZIS-3 kit no: 208 $8 2 kits

Kits 1/76 for sale:

MMS White metal kits:
- Panzer III ausf. H kit no: 960 $18,50 1 kit
- Panzer III ausf. G kit no: 949 $18,50 1 kit
- Panzer IV ausf. E kit no: 970 $20,98 2 kits