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Summer KORA lottery!

We have prepared special lottery for this summer!

Three of you could get special award from KORA Models.


Basic condition was registration in our International Braill Register.

Second condition was  more difficult. You had to right answer following question:

What’s second job of KORA Models owner Mr. Robert Koraba?

The results are following:

 A) cafeteria                           12 votes

B) pizzeria & discotheque    26 votes

C) teahouse                                9 votes

More about Mr. Koraba's you can see here and you will find that correct answer is B!

 Mr. Koraba personally drew lots form authors of right answers and here are names of three lucky men below:

Pavel Strnad - Czech Republic

Bas Slaats - the Netherlands

Ing. Peter Mravec -Slovak Republic

Now it depend on winners only how high price they will get. They have to send us their snail mail addresses on info@smallscaleafv.com

 and who will be ....

1. will get - Jagdpanzer IV (A) kit

2. will get - Panzer I A kit

3. will get - T-34 engine set

We look forward to your e-mails because if they will not come we keep all for ourselves!:-)


Sand & Over in cooperation with Kora Models