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Dear Visitors,

We have prepared some news in following sections: 


"Contests & Shows"

We have taken pictures for much more previews but we have no enough free time to write texts unfortunately! L Nevertheless we promise you many interesting items next time! J

We wish all of you Merry Christmas and happy New Year !

Sand & Over



Dear Visitors,

First we would like to thank all of you for your interest in our pages.
Our counter crossed number 10.000 on 25.11.2001! :-) It means that more than 30 various people serves on our site every day. We do hope that we keep your attention in future!

We would like to thank MCWojtekk for completing of our "HSR" with four Berlin shops. We would like to appeal all visitors to pay more attention to both our registers /"IBR" & "HSR"/ and help as to fulfil them as much as possible.

We have prepared some news in following sections: 


"Contests & Shows"

Sand & Over



We have added news into sections:

"Vehicles" - Matilda Mk.II. Mercedes 1500A, Fuchs, Diamond T-19 & M5 Stuart, Stug III G & Tatra T-57K
"Review" - Sd.kfz.10/5, Bergepanther, Grenadiers Div.GD, RR 1924, Wooden barrels, German casaulties, French partisans, Decals for AFV by ICM, Driver’s compartment & Engine for Pz. IV, Horch Kfz.17, DAK figures, Adler Kfz.13, C.M.P. Ford/Chevrolet, Dodge WC-62, KV-2
"Contests & Shows" - ”Model Nachod” 

Sand & Over



We have added news into sections "Vehicles" - Balkans Leopards Collection 1994-2000

Sand & Over



We have added news into following sections:

"Vehicles" - Sd.Kfz. 11 + 10,5 cm lFh 18, Sd.kfz.11/5 + Nebelwefer, SU-76i
"Review" - barrel T-34/85, 7,5 cm IG18, Skoda RSO, Steyr 1500 A/01 & 1500 A, SU-85, T-26 Mod.33, Urban Accessories, Grenadier Heer 1944, STZ Comsomolets, Jeep M38 A1 & crew M38 A1
"Links" - Modelling in miniature, TruxModels, Miniatures Alemany
"Contests & Shows" - Memorial Race of Judr. Frantisek Kupka



We have eked out following sections with couple of news:

"Review" - U.S. AFV Crew by SSP
"Links" -
"Contests & Shows" - E-Day, Hobby-Model



We have added news into following sections:

"Vehicles" - Pz.kpfw.III Ausf.N, Willys Jeep, Daimler armoured car,
Bergepanther + Jagdpanzer IV,  Hanomag SS 100 LN + Meilerwagen + V 2, Munitionsfahrzeug 38 (t)
"Dioramas" -
Light fortification type 37 A
"Review" - Extratech news 3 - Skoda RSO and Friese 16t, Steyer 1500 A/01 a Steyer 1500 A, Ford CMP 12 & Flak 38, WC 54 Dodge Ambulance, German assault gun crew, Anti-sand mats,
German infantry - walking, BMW 326, German officers "Gruppe Peiper", British AFV crew, U.S. tank crew, Field Marschall Erwin Rommel and staff 1942, VW Kübelwagen Holzgas”, VW Typ 31 ” Kastenwagen”
"Links" - AFV decals, MAC Distribution

Sandman & Overlord



Dear visitors,

We are here with some news again.
Just visit following sections and open all items marked "New".

News & Previews - 150 mm SiG 33, 20 mm Flak 38, Hotchkiss M1937, PAK 97/38, Kurogane Type 95, Soviet AFV crew, OT-34, Jagdpanzer IV (A) ”Zwischenloesung”, Freezing German soldiers, American patrol, German drivers,
Machine Gun ammo belts, Machine Gun sights, Decals for AFV
Tips & Tricks - Floor, fender sheet – lozenges
Photogallery - Vehicles

We do hope you will there find something interesting there!

We are very happy that our "IBR" has been found by couple of new members
since last update. 

We decided to keep our "HSR" in future because we received few positive
emails concerning matter.

Happy modelling!


10.09.2001  Dear Visitors,

We are here with something new again after two months break. We spent mentioned two months resting and completing our new models. We also worked on maintenance of our site. We do hope we adjust it to work little quicker. We also bought, swapped and got lot of news to be previewed.

We visited another excellent modeler /you will recognize who it is/and took over 200 photos of his excellent models for our Photo gallery. We have received also few new contributions from already known colleagues.

It means we have completed so much material for few relatively wide updates in advance.

We are very happy that our ”IBR” is widened again because few new members joined it.

If you are new ”Brailler” on the Net or not joined till now, just open our ”HBR” section and register yourself! On the other hand we are disappointed by your low activity concerning our ”HBR”. We have expected that this new shop register will be fulfilled relatively soon but it shows now that it wasn’t good idea unfortunately. Please let us know what’s your opinion concerning ”HBR”. Should we keep this section and hope that more shops will registered in future or should we cancel it or modify it to Czech Hobby shops register including few shops from abroad?

This update includes too many of news to be mentioned here. Just visit every section and check the items marked ”New”.

Happy modelling!

Sand & Over


Dear friends of our site,

We have prepared bigger update for today because we have decided to interrupt our Internet work for next two months. We would like to relax little bit and follow real modeling during summer vacation. Nevertheless we will still work on preparing some changes in structure of our site and other also lot of interesting news for our "Previews" a "Gallery".

Thank you for your attention till now and se you in September.

Sand & Over

Added news is following:
"Review" - figures by AB Figures and Milicast, ammunition
trailer for Flak, 20mm Flak on Horch, 105mm howitzer M1, Hotchkiss H39, new pictures figures set by Extratech, photoetched tracks for Pz.kpfw.IV, Phänomen Granit 25 Ambulance a Sd.Kfz. 304 Springer, Czech News Extratech - armored car M8 and M20, picture Tatra T-87
"Tips &Tricks" - barbedwire and foliate camouflage net - NATO
"Dioramas" - ”Fall of Hamburg” Germany 1945
"Links" - Dioramaterial
"Hobby Shop Register" - new section


We have added news into following sections:
"Vehicles" - Crusader Mk.II Gun Tractor, Crusader Mk.III AA, Humber SC, Opel Blitz Workshop, White M3 Scout Car and M74 Recovery Vehicle
"Dioramas" - 5 new dioramas from Pacific
"Review" - SiG 33, Tatra T-87
"Links" -Exo Kit, Retromodel and United-Fun

Be informed we prepare few previews of some figure sets by AB Figures besides others for our next update (last before our two months summer vacation)!

Sandman & Overlord


We have added news into following sections:
"Vehicles" - Tatra T18, Tatra T-57K, Tatra vz.30, Krupp Protze Sd.kfz.69 and Skoda 903 Superb Staff Car
"Dioramas" - 7 new dioramas
" - Sd.kfz.253, AEC Mk.III, Unic P 107 Génie, Extratech news 
Links" - Atlantis Alliance


We have added info concerning two events organized by Hungarian colleagues into ”Events & Shows” section only.

17.05.2001  Dear Visitors,  

We would like to thank all of you for so often visits because our site received more than 3.000 hits since we established our site. Our counter is set to count more possible hits by one identical visitor during one day as one visit. Our statistic confirmed us that 25 different persons visited our site daily on the average. 

We thank also all contributors who sent us many interesting articles and lot of perfect pictures for our Photogallery. 41 modelers from 16 countries of the world have joined our ”International Braille Register” till now! We will do our best to keep your attention on higher or minimally on the same level in future!  

Regards from Czech Republic. Sandman & Overlord  

Our update of today includes following:

"Vehicles" - Hetzer, Sd.kfz.250, Tiger II a Sd.kfz.251/22
"Review" - figures Mujahideen, Italian Colonial Troops and American Stretcher Party, Opel Blitz 1,5t, Opel Blitz 4x4, TL 37 and Fahnenchmiedwagen Hf. 1/13 
"Tips &Tricks" - how to make Profiles L, U, C and I
"Model Flea Market
" - a few new ads added

04.05.2001  We have added news into following sections:
"Vehicles" - BA-64, Panther Ausf.F, Hetzer, BRDM-2, BRDM-2 Konkurs, BTR-152, M1 PI Abrams, ZIL-157K, M247 Sgt. York and Diamond T 980 6x4 with Churchill
"Review" -
VK-4501 (P) Ferdinand Tiger
"Tips &Tricks" - Computer like necessary aid, otherwise a few ideas...
"Links" - TP Model (new actual address)

20.04.2001  We have added news into following sections:
"Vehicles" - M48A5, Marder 1A3, T975 GS, StugIIIF, Einhets-Diesel
"Review" - figures by MGM and Allemany, 4,7 cm PAK on Larraine by Al.By.
"Tips &Tricks" - modeling of Panthers by Hasegawa, ESCI and Revell

13.04.2001  We have added news into following sections:
"News" - Springer 
"Vehicles" - M47, Luchs, Jumbo, BTR 152
"Dioramas" - ”Rats Extermination” Libya 1942 
"Tips &Tricks" - Zimmerit
Review" - LVT 1 Aligator, AEC Dorchester 4x4
Links" - Small Scale Production and Wespe

06.04.2001  News added into the "Vehicles" section - Sherman Ambulance - Early Type and Late Type, into the "Reviews & News" section - figures by Extratech and Tetrarch by Extratech and "Zelda" M113 upgrade by Leva Productions, into "Dioramas" - "Moorland Nettuno" Italy 1944 and into the "Links" - some new sites.
We establish new section "Contributions"!

Please if your are not registered do not forget to join our "International Braille Register"!

Don't forget to sign our "Guestbook" because we would like to know you opinion concerning our site!


Sandman & Overlord

30.03.2001  We have added following news in the "Vehicles" -  128mm Flak 40, 2nd part Diamond T980 & LVT4, Diamond T975 Pontoon, "News & Reviews" - Carro Veloce L3/35, German Field Kitchen and NKL - 26 (Russian motor sky).  We have also realized huge update of the "Links" section -  to producers, distributors and other our favorite sites are added in.

23.03.2001  We have added following news in the "Vehicles" - M3 Stuart "Hoeny", "Tips & Tricks" - Making of decals  2, "News & Reviews" - TACAM Skoda R-2 and "Dioramas" - ”Who's going to Pump?" - Jaluit Island 1943

16.03.2001  We have added following news in the "Vehicles" - Char B.1 bis, Bantam BRC Jeep and Cromwell ARV, "Tips & Tricks" - Making of decals and Create of "sooty" places , "News & Reviews" - Dom wiejski, Saurer RR-7 Sd.kfz.254 and Sherman M4 Composite Hull.

09.03.2001  We have added more news into the ”Tips & Tricks”, ”Reviews & News” and also into ”Dioramas” and "Vehicles". Look at all designated ”New”! Thanks all signed in our ”Guestbook” and ”IBR” !

02.03.2001  We have added another fantastic models in the "Vehicles" section - Dodge WC 63 by Petr "Dusin" Dusek and Vehicle Maintenance on Leyland Hippo Mk.I by Petr Falta. We have also added two new contributions by Overlord added in ”Dioramasand the first contribution by Chris Waldron from USA. The last news is in the ”Review” section - Austin K6 by VVV Model. 

28.02.2001  Friends,
our meter informed us that our pages got the first 1.000 of visitors on 28.02.2001 at 7.00. Let us thank all of you visiting our site and we do hope we will keep your attention in the future. Our ”Guestbook” is still open for your comments and valuation. Any your next contributions in all of our sections are welcome. Thanks again.

Sandman & Overlord

26.02.2001  New amazing model by Petr "Dusin" Dusek has been added in the "Vehicles" section - Diamond T 981 & Rodger Trailer M9 & LCM Mk.3

There are more and more "International Braille Register" members coming to register! There you can find the contacts to the modellers from whole world in. Register "here" to get known worldwide. 

23.02.2001  Another Overlord’s added in ”Dioramas” section and first contribution by UK IPMS Champion Petr ”Dusin” Dusek has been added in ”Vehicles” - Diamond T 975 Pontoon

21.02.2001  New contribution in ”Vehicles” section - "3,7cm Flak 43 auf Selbsfahrlafette PzKpfw.IV “Ostwind” -  by new contributor Václav Hochmuth from Slovakia 

Don't forget to sign our "Guestbook"! Any your comments on our pages (not only positive) are welcome. Thanks. Sandman & Overlord

20.02.2001  New contribution in ”Tips&Tricks” section - "Natural dioramas" and we have established new section called "International Braille Register" !! 

16.02.2001  Another Overlord’s added in ”Dioramas” section

15.02.2001  New contribution in "Vehicles" - AEC Dorchester HP and A30 Challenger Mk.I - by new contributor Petra Falta, specialist for vehicles of Czechoslovak Armored Brigade in Great Britain

13.02.2001  We have add another five Overlord’s dioramas into ”Dioramas

12.02.2001  We add the first contribution by Jaromír "Gerry"
Šmíd in the section "Tips&tricks". It is his advice how to make "The Grain Field & Snow Cover"."

07.02.2001  New contribution in ”News” section - Opel Blitz loads 1/72 by Leva Production

01.02.2001  New contribution in ”News” section - Morris Mk.I 4x2 1/72 by TP Model

26.01.2001  New contribution in ”News” section - Bantam BRC Jeep 1/76 by Vac-U-Cast

24.01.2001  New contributions in "Figures" section – Overlord’s Italian Alpiny Corps and German artillerymen from our abroad friend John-Michael Murray

23.01.2001  New contributions in "Figures" section - Anglosaxons vs Normans

19.01.2001  Contribution to "News and kit reviews"-Agama acrylic paints and "Tips&Tricks"-How to make high grass or grain field?

17.01.2001  New photos of models added to ”Vehicles
- M4A3E8 Sherman
- Leopard 1A5DK
- M-48A2
- M-48A2C
- M-106
- ADATS / M-113A2
Churchill and "Commando" figures-first foreign contributions

16.01.2001  New photos added to ”Vehicles”:
- Austin K2 Ambulance
– Semovente M75/18
– Panzerjager I
- Marder II

15.01.2001  Mention about model competitions organised by Agama Kit Klub-PMC Pardubice added and New photos added to "Vehicles".

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