Tips & Tricks 

Modelling advice

      Don't you know what to do or are you looking for advice? Here you can read instructions and about tips and tricks your colleagues-modellers have kindly provided about how to build or make this, not to do this and that because it all can be done in completely different way then you could imagine up to this time. If you have any own ideas or methods and you feel you would like to share them with other modellers and they are not considered to be 
"a family silver" please e-mail them to us. We will be glad to make them public. 

Barbedwire by Overlord
Computer like necessary aid, otherwise a few ideas... by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Colour AFV by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
Czech patriots 1945 by Jakl Tomas
Czechoslovak Army 1938 by Jakl Tomas
Decals making by Sandman
Decals making 2 by Tebich"Mitte" Miroslav 
Floor, fender sheet lozenges by Pavlik Jan
Foliate camouflage net - NATO by Overlord
Grain field & Snow Cover by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
How to create "sooty" places? by Smid "Gerry" Jaromir
How to make high grass or grain field ?  by Overlord
How to make snow?  by Overlord
How we take photos! by Sandman & Overlord
My Snow Technique!   by Haelterman Rob
Natural dioramas by Overlord
Profiles - L, C, U and I by Dusek "Dusin" Petr  
Tarpaulins & Canvases by Sandman
Water? Why not? by Overlord
Whipped Snow by Kovac "Panzermaniac" Dusan
Zimmerit Australia by Clark David