E-Day - Pilsen

One year passed us so we had again chance to come to Pilsen to show our models and purchase news during Saturday modelling event. Again many modeller from all Europe arrived there as well as most of Czech producers and traders. Again hundreds of nice models participated in the contest.

Extratech introduced two Shermans in plastic etchings and wheel set for Heller VAB and brand new V-100 Air Force. The M36 Jackson Extrapack will be next.


Modelimex offered 2 new MAC kist in plastic and new T&T halftracks.


Profi Kit without promised Panther set but with full range of other kits.


Kora just returned from vacation so no news but soon we can expect line of German tank hunters.

Mr. Schatton arrived from Germany with four new resin kits (three can bee seen below and fourth is Pz.IV with rockets) and some metal ammo.


HR Model introduced second Ford V3000 and more will follows.


Goffy Model with new accessories sets for Allies tanks and modern AFV.


Modelling magazine "Modelar" trying in vain to get sample of new Humwee wheels from Calibre (35&72) because I got last piece while ago.


Now leaving tabloid style back to serious modelling.  I can show you following models and dios thanks to Brano Herain and his camera.











Czech Republic Championship was upstairs where I personally took some photos. This fact as well as bad light is main reason why following photos important photos are in poor quality.



I should get more photos from other colleagues so I will update this report soon!.

The contest results and other details are available at http://www.e-day.cz!