M32B1 Armour Recovery Vehicle

Scale: 1/72

Manufacturer: Spare parts from Revell (hull), Italeri (tracks), and Hat (hatches and cupola) with sheets and rods of styrene, and stretched sprues.

These parts are left over from my M4A3E8 with sandbags, and M4 with composite hull projects. I studies many photos downloaded from the internet and an article (Israeli M32) from Faustnik. I noted that Italeri has a 1/35 scale model of M32, except it has the late 47 degree hull (a post-war model). So for WW II, I had to back date the front hull with small hatches (from Hat) and move the vent to the front. The wheels that came with Revell M4A1 are too big and are replaced with my squash cast copies of Firefly wheels. I know that this is a mixed bag of parts that are not exact in scale, but I am happy with the end result.