Office Furniture – 1/72 scale


Office Furniture (Cat. Nr. 001)


Minimali Productions, Czech Republic  


Transparent plastic bag with a paper insert

Type of kit

Set of resin casts of an office furniture


Very nice addition on a market! The individual pieces of furniture and additional parts (telephone, lamp, books…) are cast clean of grey resin, with minimum flesh and fine crisp details. Pieces of furniture are made as completed parts, the office chair has separate feet, which may be rather tricky during assembly. Nice touch is a frame of a bookcase door and the attached transparent foil for glazing. All parts have really minimal resin blocks so it will be a real joy to work with them! I was disappointed with a telephone, which is so dwarfish that it would hardly be 10 cm in reality…  

Instruction sheet

Instructions limited to one picture. 



General Impression & Note

Useful set, especially for diorama builders – whether as a furniture inside an interior or on a wagon during the evacuation of civilians or scattered in the ruins of buildings… There are many possibilities here.