Equipment of kitchen - foodstuffs & kitchen accessories – 1/72

Name Equipment of kitchen – foodstuffs & kitchen accessories (RE 72319)
Producer  Attack Hobby, Czech Republic
Packing Transparent blister box, closed with a cardboard
Type of kit Resin set of kitchen accessories
Quality Although the “foodstuff” is mentioned in a name of the set, in fact, there are only kitchen vessels and utensils there – wood pails, aluminium milk cans, buckets, thermos cans and also mess tins and bottles. Listing and numbers of each type are obvious from a picture of the instruction sheet. The parts are cast clean from grey resin, minimum flesh, no bubbles.
Instruction sheet This set is based on a principle “one vessel – one piece” so the instructions include just the side views of them and an instruction for painting. 
Decals None
General Impression & Note Very useful kit, especially for diorama builders – ideal supplement to the field kitchen (RE 72318). And if you really need the foodstuff, I can recommend a resin set by CMK in 1/72 or a plastic set by Preiser in 1/87.