Command Bus


Kit: Green Line T-Type Motor Coach /Kit #K306/

Scale 1/72, limited run, injection molded styrene plastic.

 Manufacturer: Keal Kraft model company, England

A model kit from the 1980's and 1990's that appears to be out of production.  Assembly was easy though the model will need considerable detailing to turn it into a good display model.  It is such a rare subject I recommend buying any kits you find.  Keal Kraft also sold several 1920 and 1930's era trucks, trolley's and steam rollers (all potentially used in military service).

The model depicts a commercial bus of the 1930's, though in film I have seen buses like this in service with the British Army BEF in France, and captured by the Germans.  I modeled my kit as a command bus, captured by the Germans (in Dunkirk) and used by a Divisional command in Russia, 1941.  Due to Russia's bad roads and a lack of spare parts I doubt a bus like this would have lasted long.   


The interior is entirely scratchbuilt.

Stephen Brezinski