Horch 108 Kfz. 70  & 20 mm flak 30



Horch 108 Kfz 70 /kit # 72057/


MAC Distribution, CZ


Typical cardboard box with pretty drawings on foreside

Type of kit

Plastic model of light anti-aircraft vehicle of  Wehrmacht


All plastic past are moulded in 3 sprue frames. Most of parts are common with  previous MAC Horch kits, especially Horch 108 Typ 1a and 20 mm Flak 30. The kit also contains 2 etched sheets, again same line in mentioned kits. All parts are very nice, fine and detailed. The biggest problem are parts 48 52 (mesh wire side plates of body) which are cast of plastic and look very unrealistic. I would recommend to make completely new parts using etched mesh or similar better material. There is also same mistake like in previous Horch 108 type 1A kit, I mean the wheels placed too high, but it can be simply repaired. Otherwise this kit is accurate miniature of original vehicle and contains an flak trailer too.

Instruction sheet

Detailed and well-arranged


The same sheet for all Horch versions. Two markings belongs to this kit, namely vehicle from 26. PzDiv, Flak Abteilung 304, Italy 1943-45, whole vehicle in Panzer Grau, what seems incorrect to me (?) and sand vehicle from 15. PzJgr. Brigade, Sicily 1943. Decals are first-rate.

General impression

 Very nice kit ! Recommended!