Challenger I

Scale: 1/72

Kit Propducer: Revell

This model is built with a lots of little modifications. Object of particular detail, were smoke discharger, antennas and their support, lifting points on the top of the turret, headlights and their protections, towing cables, fuel and water jerrycans and their supports, stowage box on the front of the turret, MG mod. L37A2, commanderís periscope and the TOGS system with open hatch. Concerning the decals supplied in the kit, itís noted a great error: the writings and numbers to apply on the both sides skirts, rather than be respectively white and grey, they have been realized in black and they must be replaced by modified decals, or in alternative, reproduced like in this case by brush. Dustbin, tram-way pole and road-sign were scratchbuilt.