V-100 Commando & USAF - 1/72


Commando V-100 US Post War Armored Car /# EXM72037/

U.S. Air Force V-100 US Post War Armored Car /# EXM72039/


Extratech,  CZ


Solid cardboard box with a photograph of a real vehicle on the top and colour camouflages on the sides.

Type of kit

Resin casts + PE metal parts


Both kits are very simple, but precisely manufactured. The hull is in both versions cast as one solid piece. All resin parts are cast clear and with no bubbles. Metal parts for improvement of the exterior are perfect as usually.

Instruction sheet

Yes, black and white, clear


Yes, very nice (5 markings for Commando & 2 for USAF)

General Impression & Note

Very nice kits, highly recommended. Assembly should be fast and straightforward, resulting in very nice models of American armoured vehicles, known especially from the Vietnam war. The Commando version served there with the Military Police and as a convoy, the USAF version served mainly as an airport guard.

Thanks to Extratech for preview samples!

V-100 Commando



V-100 USAF