Ural 375D Fuel Tank

Scale: 1/72

Kit producer: ZV Models

I bought this model rather randomly. There where nice details, windscreens and painting scheme for a vehicle from Afghanistan.

When I got back home I started to find photo sources. It wasn’t as easy as I expected. I found only few pics and no close ups (for the tanker version I had only one small photo). I borrowed Armor of the Afghanistan War from Concord. There is only 1 photo of 375 (with Grad system) but the authors call all Urals (4320) as 375. I have 1 issue of Steel Masters (No34 August –September 1999). There is an article about Grad with 4 photos of a Ural 375 – on exhibit at an artillery school.

Kit’s defects: windows are thick and are distorted, grill is too thick, there is only 1 handle on the main tank, bad shape of mirrors mounts no side handles and mounting steps, bad shape of front fenders. All flat surfaces of truck (cab and tank) were pitted and looked like metal after rust removal. I used some putty, especially on the cab.

Improvements: handles of main tank from Tamiya plastic, they are about 0,4 mm diameter. I know that they should  be thinner but they are 25 mm long and I had problems with wire (I tryed with 0,3 mm). Side handles and stair under dumper is made from 0,2 mm wire. Mirror mounts from 0,3 mm, and I transferred them from doors to cab. I improved the shape of front fenders. Light guards made from 0,2 mm wire but it is still too thick  Three lights on cab was made  from gel superglue.  Wipers are made from wire 0,2 mm and PE brass (Part for T34/85). I thinned the grill by using sandpaper and a scalpel.

I used H159 to paint this vehicle (after instruction) but I am not sure that it is not too light.

Base made from plaster (H29 mixed with black and satin cote over it), snow from baking powder.  

Figures from MIG (I bought them in Nachod). They have great faces. But the clothes and fur (collars and hats) are overdone (the material looks too wrinkled). I used putty to correct this. The tanker has an intercom wire added (0,2mm) and chin strap made from printing paper. The guy in the fur hat has legs from Preiser with side pockets made from plastic sheet. I converted his right arm and added hands from Preiser (the originals were too big).