Hummer with TOW


Scale: 1/72


This model of Israeli “Hummer Orev” was built using Revell’s HMMWV body and chassis, the Dragon’s M1046 hood and TOW system all according to about 300 detail reference photos of the real vehicle. I have used also CMK conversion set but only only the seats along with the rear bumper and spare wheel rack and rear view mirrors.  The wheels are scratch built according to measurements of the real thin. The roll cage, bull bar, Kiveret (hive which is the TOW round stowage), duffel bag, radio set and some other stuff are scratchbuilt. The TOW rounds are also scrat with the ends of each round being “squash cast”.

The decals were made, using a computer generated image with PhotoDeLuxe 4.0, which was printed on Bare Metal decal paper.

 The model was weathered using pastels.