M29 Weasel

Scale: 1/72


Kit producer: Extratech


Itís a nice little model. The tracks are finely molded and whatís the most important, all the wheels are circular. I was surprised but found good sources on the internet (I was glad to find archival photo of vehicle which decals were included). According to them not many improvements had to be done. It was good to have photos of the original vehicle because there are some errors in the instructions. I was disappointed when after fixing the tracks to the wheels, one track was longer by about 1mm. On a vehicle so small (about 4cm) itís really a  problem. I had to camouflage it with boxes, bags and other accessories. These items come from Extratech, Goffy, Piko. Barrel is from Mars. After drilling out the middle, I used a  hairdryer. Figures are from CMK. Very nice uniforms but almost without faces. All painted with Humbrols.