Czechoslovak Army


Scale: 1/72

Kit Producer: AER Moldova (SU-100)

Etchings: Eduard 22019 (for Cooperativa kit) 

First Zlinek, then Cooperativa had imported the AER Moldova kits  to our country. The instructions are inaccurate and chaotic. Quality of the parts is not bad, although some flash can be found and also small parts are quite Ąout of shapeď. The level of detail is low. Tracks are moulded in plastic, Langer sections in one piece together with some separate links for making the curves. I donít like wheels Ė I am not sure, that this type was ever used on SU or SD-100! I replaced them with resin copies of Revellís T-34/85 tank, which are superb. The biggest mistake of this kit is the position of 3rd wheel. It is situated too much towards. Remove and glue it a little backwards, about 2mm. You can use a photo or drawing of T-34 for reference. There are also big gapes in the bottom of the hull that need to be filled in. The Eduard etches are excellent and help very much to repair mistakes of the kit. They also supply parts for making SD-100 of our Czechoslovak army. Most detail were scratchbuilt from metal or copper wire and plastic (handrails, towing cables, reserve tanks, etc.). The Czechoslovak Army insignia is a home-made decal, which made my friend (thanks, Mirek!).

Summary? I donít recommend this kit to you. A lot of work needs to be done, to make it  look like a war-time SU-100 or post-war Czechoslovak SD-100. I think, it isnít worth the time. I have heard, that the SU-100 kit from UM is much, MUCH better than the AER!