Sd.Kfz.234/2 Puma


Scale: 1/72


Kit Producer: Italeri


It's new tooling, reference 7029. OK, probably it has several mistakes and errors, but frankly, I was desperately in the need of a cheap model (I paid 8 euros) and "quickable" to build...Something to leave apart PE sets, resins, etc., etc. I build it straight from the box, except the smoke dischargers at the turret, which I "opened" with my X-Acto knife.


For the painting, I primed the whole model with Tamiya Spray Primer, and then I applied a light coat of XF 10 Flat Brown. For the cammo scheme I was inspired by an illustration from French artist Jean Restayn, at "La Poche de Falaise", Armes Militaria Magazine Hors-de-sÚrie nº 46. I applied the cammo in order to represent an hypothetical vehicle, not a determinate model. And so, there're the colours, also from Tamiya acrylic range: For the German sand XF60 Dark Yellow with XF2 Flat White, XF 64 Red Brown, XF 61 Dark Green with a few drops of yellow. I applied the trick from Mr. S.Zaloga of mixing the Red Brown and the Dark Green too with X22 Clear. The exhausts were painted with several Vallejo acrylics. And them I applied too several drops of black and brown at several points, due to weathering, etc. as the bumpers, etc.

I only used 2 license plates from the kit decal sheet. No Pz. Division logo or more symbols.

For the dust, I applied several light coats of XF57 Buff, highlighting a bit with white too. And then, the whole model received a coat of Humbrol matt varnish, diluted with Humbrol solvent.

MIG pigments were used: Europe Dust P028 plus Light Dust P027.
The crewman taken  from DML Maus is painted with Vallejo acrylics too, after being primed with Tamiya Spray Primer. I was trying to depict an Italian cammo sported at his trousers.

The telegraphic pole came from an old Esci reference, recently released by Italeri. Vegetation is from Aneste, a Spanish company I think. The terrain was made with Das Pronto and painted with acrylics, too.

A real funny model to build!!!!