Scale: 1/76


Kit producer: Airfix

This is one of vehicles, that comes in "German Reconnaissance Vehicle Set". It's a very nice kit, even to today's standards, but it needs a bit of work. I chose not to display the gun and cover the top entrance because the kit doesn't have the "birdcage" grills. The flag was made with aluminium foil and an Extratech decal. The tent rolls were done with Miliput and some bit were scratchbuilt with Evergreen sheet. The base was made using a coffee jar lid, wall spackle and tea leaves. I also used bits of Evergreen for the fence and copper wire for the barbed-wire. The paint job was done with Tamiya paints, washed with oils, drybrushed with oils and sealed with Humbrol Matt coat. Cheers and happy modelling!