Kit producer: Attack, 1/72

The model was built from Attack Pz.38 Ausf. G kit. I used the MBI publication for references. Model was finished as one of the Czech afterwar tanks. The Czech army used almost fourty of these vehicles in that time. Model shows no signs of using, because camouflage of these tanks was changed after the war. Some of them appeared at the military parade in Strahov, so I suppose they had to look like new.

But back to the model. Although this is the most correct kit of LT-38 in 1/72, it is not easy to build. It is a short-run kit, which shows especially on small parts. I had to replace the barrel with the Fujimi‘s barrel and to make new moulds of tow hooks. Machine guns and other small parts were slightly modified and then used. I had to stop building for some time, because I needed to get courage to continue by building something easier. At the same time I was building the prototype of this tank, but it has never been finished (I didn‘t get courage enough). But many thanks to Attack for producing this kit (what about LT-35?). For next time some PE parts would be appreciated. Decals were self-made, using the OKI DP-5000 printer.