Pz.Bef.Wg. III Ausf. J

Scale: 1/72

Model kit used: My own resin cast in

The basis for the commander’s version on the original Ausf. J chassis was again my resin cast.  The photograph of this tank from an unknown unit in Russia is in the book “In Action” and it grabbed my attention especially by a combination of an added armour on an older type of the tank and by the use of the “winter tracks”. These additions changed the shape of the original version Ausf. J completely. I used the added armour on the hull front, gun mantlet of the gun KwK 39 L 60 and on the turret from the kit of a version Ausf. M by Revell. I just added some details (a tent pack, helmets and a commander in a turret). Model is painted in accordance with the photograph in a winter camouflage with the original colour showing through. I made the rust and dirt streaks on the camouflage by oils and fixed the camo with a matt varnish.