Panzerhaubitze 2000
4.Batterie/Panzerartillerie-Lehrbataillon 95

Monster, Březen 2000


Scale: 1/72


Kit producer: Revell


This model is built almost from the box just improved with several details.


Construction advices:

The track on one side is too short and you have to add two links which are fortunately included in the kit.

The turret MG ring has to be modified in accordance with references. I have rather made new one.

The marking instructions are incorrect concerning hull front so rather follow references.



Drilled and glazed front lights, foil gun cover, deeper muzzle brake grooves, lighting column cut off, new mesh in turret stowage basket,  cabling to smoke grenade launchers...



Bronzegrün (RAL 3031) Revell 65

Teerschwarz (RAL 9021) MM 1749

Lederbraun (RAL 8027) MM 1742

Dust H 93